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We accelerate the transition to a sustainable society and economy. We are part of the Impact Hub network of 24,500 entrepreneurs and innovators in 102+ locations worldwide in 50+ countries spanning five continents. Learn more
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Our passionate entrepreneurial team has already helped more than 4000 companies to become more sustainable and make more impact.

In our work we use an ecosystem approach, because complex issues our society is facing cannot be solved alone. They ask for collaboration. Our ecosystems are focussed on the food sector, circular economy, inclusive society and fashion sector. Through our ecosystems startups, SMEs and organisations can activate their first steps in sustainability, get matched with innovative solutions to make a positive impact with their business and accelerate their impact through capacity building programs. Learn more

Connect with a valuable network to solve global and local challenges
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Meet the team

Impact Hub Amsterdam has a strong, driven multi-disciplinary team, who are dedicated to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society and economy. In this, we are supported by a vast network of mentors, trainers and advisors specialised in all important drivers of the impact field, and sectors such as food, circularity, fashion and inclusion. Get to know us and connect.

Latest updates

28 September

As of 2022, some 2.2 billion people still lack access to safe drinking water, an issue that's becoming more serious as water stress caused by climate change continues to increase. Tackling water stress worldwide requires collaboration and innovation – whether in new approaches to existing technologies or completely novel solutions. What Design Can Do's Make it Circular Challenge winner LibreWater combines both approaches with its Open Source Hardware desalination device. The design will be shared free of charge for local production. Everybody is welcome to adapt, build, change, or sell it.
4 July

The fashion paradox – how can an industry brimming with creativity and self-expression have such a negative impact on people and the planet? That is the question Anne-Christine Polet, founder and head of Stitch, asked at the beginning of her inspiring talk during our Fashion and Textile Ecosystem Day on 21 June.
6 June

More and more consumers prioritise environmentally conscious products; consequently, many businesses are following suit. From biodegradable materials to reusable solutions, companies are implementing eco-friendly practices to meet the growing demand. We have handpicked a selection of our favourite startups with game-changing sustainable packaging solutions that we believe will lead the way in the future.
23 May

Since 2018, we have been working on building and co-hosting a Sustainable Food Ecosystem in the Netherlands with partners DOEN Foundation, the Ministry of Food, Nature and Food Quality, and Food Hub, amongst many others.
20 March

Now more than ever, we need forward-thinking designers to come up with sustainable solutions. If frustration about the billiard ball shortage is enough of an incentive to invent something radical, the survival of our planet should be able to inspire new solutions 100 times faster. Designers are absolutely crucial here as 80% of the environmental impact of a product is decided in the creation stage. Luckily, more and more brave and forward-thinking designers are starting companies that make investors want to jump in.

Career opportunities

Check out the career opportunities within our community of impact entrepreneurs. Find a purposeful job, assignment, internship, or project that contributes to solving sustainable and/or social issues. In other words: jobs with an impact.

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Collaboration and sharing knowledge are key to transition towards a new economy. Do you want to share knowledge with our network, support them in their journey towards a sustainable business through publications and learn from them as well?