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We accelerate the transition to a sustainable society and economy. We are part of the Impact Hub network of 24,500 entrepreneurs and innovators in 102+ locations worldwide in 50+ countries spanning five continents. Learn more

Our passionate entrepreneurial team has already helped more than 4000 companies to become more sustainable and make more impact.

In our work we use an ecosystem approach, because complex issues our society is facing cannot be solved alone. They ask for collaboration. Our ecosystems are focussed on the food sector, circular economy, inclusive society and fashion sector. Through our ecosystems startups, SMEs and organisations can activate their first steps in sustainability, get matched with innovative solutions to make a positive impact with their business and accelerate their impact through capacity building programs. Learn more

Connect with a valuable network to solve global and local challenges
GORDANA GORIC | Senior Lecturer University Vernity

Meet the team

Impact Hub the Netherlands has a strong, driven multi-disciplinary team, who are dedicated to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society and economy. In this, we are supported by a vast network of mentors, trainers and advisors specialised in all important drivers of the impact field, and sectors such as food, circularity, fashion and inclusion. Get to know us and connect.

Latest updates

3 May

In 6-months, these startups will take their business to the next level through training and guidance by Food Hub, Impact Hub the Netherlands, and Flevo Campus professionals. Meet the new batch of startups joining this edition of the Village Food Pioneers program!
3 May

An app that offers a listening ear, an electric modular boat, crochet clubs and a neighbourhood lab. These are only 4 of the 30 participants of Boost je Buurt 2022 (Dutch for Boost Your Neighbourhood), an initiative of Amsterdam Impact, the City of Amsterdam’s impact entrepreneurship programme.
16 February

Today we are seeing a growing number of designers embrace the shift towards a circular economy. For many this starts with reimagining products and services in a way that eliminates waste and supports a more regenerative relationship with nature. But as some of us come to find out, having a good idea and translating it into real and lasting impact are two very different things. What could creatives do to help turn their circular design into a thriving enterprise?
14 February

Een geurkaarsenproducent die graag wilde starten met duurzaam ondernemen en een circulaire schillenboer die sinaasappels van de prullenbak redt: een perfecte match. Zonder Impact Nation van ABN AMRO – de partij die bedrijven helpt in 100 dagen te verduurzamen – hadden ze elkaar niet gevonden. “Sinaasappelaroma ruikt gewoon heel lekker. En nu was daar ineens een bedrijf dat er specifiek naar zocht.”
13 January

Impactondernemen heeft de laatste jaren veel aandacht gekregen in Nederland. Niet alleen bij ondernemers, maar ook bij financiers en overheden. Maar daarmee zijn we er nog niet. Aan het woord zijn Ilse Kwaaitaal en Manon Klein, die sinds januari actief zijn als directie bij Impact Hub Nederland.

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Check out the career opportunities within our community of impact entrepreneurs. Find a purposeful job, assignment, internship, or project that contributes to solving sustainable and/or social issues. In other words: jobs with an impact.

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Collaboration and sharing knowledge are key to transition towards a new economy. Do you want to share knowledge with our network, support them in their journey towards a sustainable business through publications and learn from them as well?

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Impact Hub the Netherlands is located in the east of Amsterdam, next to Oosterpark, in the stunning KIT – Royal Tropical Institute building, otherwise known as ‘SDG House’. Home to more than 50 other impact- driven organisations; it is a meeting place for entrepreneurial people and innovative minds. A perfect environment for Impact Hub the Netherlands.