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We are the only innovation sourcing platform that focuses exclusively on impact startups. Make your business more sustainable and get matched to innovators with solutions to your sustainability challenges.

01. Get in touch with impact innovations for your organization, SME or investment portfolio.
02. Create a competition or challenge to initiate change in your industry.

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In two or three steps, we will guide you to your perfect innovation match. First we identify your needs. Once we know your needs, our experienced scouting team will source innovation startups worldwide that can help you solve your challenge. Hence we will facilitate your collaboration with the innovation startup we matched you to. We help you find the best way to work together and guide you through your pilot collaboration to maximise your impact!


We make use of our existing databases, international reach, and network of industry experts to find relevant impact ventures across over 100 Impact Hub locations in 60 countries, across five continents, and our broader community of over 24,500 entrepreneurs. Through tailored scouting and a focus on quality over quantity, we source winners. Each member of our sourcing team is strongly committed to finding every single great candidate and personally ensures that applications are completed.


SMEs, Large Organisations (corporate, governmental, or nongovernmental ), Investors, Innovation managers, Head of R&D, Investor managers worldwide, New business developers, Product developers. 


IKEA, the multinational furniture and home accessories company, is committed to innovating in the packaging ecosystem, making packaging alternatives more sustainable. Impact Hub Amsterdam teamed up with IKEA to find packaging disruptors designing sustainable and innovative packaging alternatives for a better future.

Waste streams that reach the end of the dividing and sorting line are difficult to process. As part of their 'Mission-75' activities, waste processor and recycling company Renewi has joined forces with Impact Hub Amsterdam to find innovators and startups providing upcycling and innovative circular solutions to their waste processing flows.  

The Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge is an annual international competition that rewards startups that successfully combine sustainability, entrepreneurship and creativity. Impact Hub Amsterdam was proud to scout more than 40% of the applicants to the Green Challenge.

We offer a 100-day program in which a SMEs get matched with a solution provider to solve their sustainability challenge. During this process, Impact Nation helps with the practical side of making a business more sustainable. We run Impact Nation together with TNW and ABN AMRO.


01. We help you create an impact mindset for longevity.

02. Our matches have proven successful

03. Pilot new solutions

Impact becomes more and more important and legislation around industries is changing fast. Start on time and innovate with us on your side. We guide you step by step to get a full grasp of the impact mindset and field for the longevity of your business.

Collaboration or investment in startups has positive effects on the future viability of medium-sized businesses and corporations. Our matches have proven successful with many customers already.

With our Source & Match services, you can pilot new solutions and technologies with speed and agility which you can’t create on your own to solve impact problems.


We source & match impact solutions through our topic-based ecosystem approach focused on circularity, food, inclusion, and fashion, including additional business areas aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.


We had the best result in the recruiting phase in the last few years thanks to the support you have given us.
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