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Building the new economy


As Cyrill Gutsch, CEO of Parley for the Oceans, said well: “There were some people that had good intentions and they created the plastic bag and they started burning fossil fuels and they came up with a car. These weren’t monsters; they were inventors that in that specific time made a lot of sense, and now it’s time to rethink that.”

Our community 

And that’s exactly what our community does, they change the status quo when it comes to materials, when it comes to product design, and when it comes to business models: Why not change the way our goods are distributed and consumed? What if we can find more creative and healthy ways to meet human needs? And how can we re-define growth not by numbers but by positive contribution and deepening of customer relationships?  

These entrepreneurs activate new models and concepts, and prove that their new way of thinking actually works and that it’s good for business as well for people and the planet. We support our community in this journey. With them, we seek to shape the next day, to move towards a new economy, where impact is the norm, by reinventing, recreating and redesigning.

Impact Hub Amsterdam 

Impact Hub Amsterdam connects pioneers, leaders and innovators to organisations, investors, and the public sector. We are a collaboration and innovation enabler. Because complex issues our society is facing cannot be solved alone. They ask for collaboration, they ask for everybody to participate, and for everybody to understand deeply they have a role to play. Read the story how Impact Hub Amsterdam started.

Impact can't happen in isolation, we need collaborative action.

Change and purpose at the core

And it’s not about just seeing it as a communication campaign or a risk management piece. Because that was how sustainability was anchored in organisations in the past, as something very much externally focused. About ‘how do we deal with criticism, and how do we avoid people seeing us in a bad light?’ Change and purpose have to be at the core of the brand, organisation or SME. You need to shape your whole culture around it and live it authentically.

So question standards. Question your industry, what it’s built on, who it benefits (or not). Seek to deepen your core understanding of how to make products, how to serve customers and how to play a responsible role in driving business and society to a new stage. 

There are generative solutions for problems. Apply them, let’s just not continue in the old ways. And Impact Hub is here to help. We help you to develop valuable insights on impact, activate your first steps, source and match innovative solutions, and accelerate your impact.

Let’s work
together on a
new economy!

Our impact

Impact Hub Amsterdam is part of the Impact Hub network of 17,000 entrepreneurs and innovators in 102+ locations worldwide in 50+ countries spanning five continents. Since 2008 we have supported the start, growth and scaling of 4000+ of impact entrepreneurs, hosted 2400+ impact-focused events, provided collaborative working space for 3800+ members, and built a wider ecosystem of 10.000+ diverse impact actors in key issue areas, such as sustainable food, circularity, fashion and inclusion.

Clients include Tommy Hilfiger, Chivas, Cartier, WWF Netherlands, The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and What Design Can Do.