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Impact Hub Amsterdam has a strong, passionate multi-disciplinary team, who are dedicated to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society and economy. With profound expertise in building and accelerating sustainable businesses,  scouting the best impact innovations and the latest insights from the national and international impact field, our team is uniquely skilled. In our work, we are also supported by a vast network of mentors, trainers and advisors, all specialised in all important drivers in the impact field, and sectors such as food, circular to fashion and inclusion.
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Tatiana Glad

Company lead Tatiana Glad is an entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner, and change strategist working across sectors and cultures. She has a focus on impact entrepreneurship, urban innovation, sustainable business, and the next generation. She is co-founder and director of Impact Hub Amsterdam, co-founder of Waterlution, and chair emeritus of the global Impact Hub Board. With an MSc in Responsible Business Practice, Tatiana sees enterprise as a vehicle for social change.

Tatiana is a Free-lance Facilitator/Consultant/Event Producer and a frequent speaker at industry events and has served as an expert on panels and boards of major companies and public institutions. She focuses on sustainability, social innovation, CSR, or impact entrepreneurship.


Tatiana has presented and participated in a wide range of conferences internationally. 


UNCTAD-UNITAR Webinar on Entrepreneurship, Blue Economy and MSME Resurgence, streamed, 2021, speaker

Impact Conference (INTERREG Central Europe), streamed, 2021, speaker and dialogue host

B Leaders Course, streamed, 2020 & 2021, keynote speaker 

PEXForum, Madrid, 2020, speaker

Lean In Netherlands Be The Change, Amsterdam, 2019, speaker


OECD Forum, Paris, 2017 & 2019, speaker

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Forum, Amsterdam, 2006 & 2008, presenter

Be The Change, London, 2004, 2005 & 2006, steering committee and host

Spirit in Business, Zurich, 2004, presenter on sustainability & finance

“Responsabilidad Social de las Empresas”, Seminar on the EC Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility, Bilbao, 2001, presenter and workshop facilitator


SOCAP, Dutch delegation, San Francisco, 2017, co-organiser, panelist

Socionext, Amsterdam, 2012, on jury for student entrepreneurship plans


Social Innovation Safari, Amsterdam, 2011, jury for social innovator plans

Bright Green Youth, Denmark, 2009, youth entrepreneurship coach and panelist

NFTE, New York City, 2009-2000, judge for youth business plans


LIAISE ‘Better Incubation module ‘Intro to Social Entrepreneurship’, streamed, 2021, faculty

Masterclass Societal Transitions, streamed, 2021, faculty

Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Jordan, Amman, 2020, co-designer & facilitator

EU INSITE Sustainability collaboration event, Venice, 2012, designer and facilitator

Liquid Lab, Florence, 2012, youth entrepreneurship and collaboration in Tuscany region

EU Social Innovation Incubators event, Brussels, 2012, lead designer and facilitator

European Network for Rural Development, Brussels, 2012, coach to the lead team

EU Social Business Initiative Launch, Brussels, 2011, participant

SoL European Sustainability Group, Denmark, 2006, facilitator

Society for Organisational Learning Global Forum, Vienna, 2005, delegate


The Tällberg Forum, Tallberg, Sweden, 2005, 2007 & 2008 invited support facilitator

Canadian Roundtable on Corporate Responsibility, Toronto, 2005, designer, facilitator

Authentic Leadership Summer School, Shambhala Institute, Halifax, 2003 & 2004

WEF Social Entrepreneurship Summit, Geneva, 2001, participant

The Social Entrepreneurship Summit, World Economic Forum, Geneva, 2001, delegate

The Sustainability Forum “Financial Services – Drivers for Sustainability?”, Zurich, 2001

The New Academy of Business, “Future Business”, U.K., 2001, organising team

The Natural Step “Sustainability: An Exploration of the Social Dimensions”, Atlanta, 2000, Canadian emerging leaders team

The State of the World Forum, New York, 2000, learning production team

The State of the World Forum for Emerging Leaders, 1999, Mexico, delegate