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Career opportunities

At Impact Hub we are looking for experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and creators that want to join our mission. If you love challenges, taking action and want to make a positive impact for people and the planet, you have come to the right place. Find all the opportunities at Impact Hub Amsterdam, our partners or within our community here.

Working at Impact Hub Amsterdam

At our Hub you will be surrounded by our vibrant team of impact makers, where you get the chance to meet all kinds of sustainable innovations and a great opportunity to expand your network in the startup world. Below you can find our current vacancies and internships:

Branding & Content Marketing Intern

Impact Hub Amsterdam is part of the global Impact Hub network of impact entrepreneurs and innovators with more than 17,000 members in over 100 cities around the world.  And you can be part of it!

Business Innovation Developer

Impact Hub Amsterdam maakt deel uit van het snel groeiende Impact Hub netwerk van impactondernemers en innovators met meer dan 16,500 leden in 100 steden over de hele wereld. Ons doel is om de transitie naar een ​​nieuwe economie te versnellen, een inclusieve economie die voor iedereen werkt en waar impact de norm is. Ons gedreven team heeft al meer dan 4000 bedrijven geholpen om duurzamer te worden en meer impact te maken.

Opportunities in our network

Check out the career opportunities shared by our community. Find a purposeful job, assignment or internship related to sustainable, social and / or social issues and projects.


Control Tower Operator

FOODLOGICA is an e-bike / e-van logistic service. They provide food entrepreneurs in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam & Den Hague the best zero-emission transport option. As our Control Tower Operator you help customers with complaints and questions, give customers information about their deliveries, and process address changes and delivery instructions. You will also support our drivers via our communication channel with questions about their deliveries. In addition, you will work together with our Planning Manager to professionalise and standardize our communication flow to customers and drivers.


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HR Administrator

FOODLOGICA is an e-bike / e-van logistic service. They provide food entrepreneurs in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam & Den Hague the best zero-emission transport option. As HR Administrator you will take ownership of all HR matters concerning the driver’s team from recruitment to performance reviews, wage reviews, and onboarding and training.

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Enthusiastic action researcher

CrossOver is on the mission of contributing to a sufficient number of technical professionals with competent hands to keep the Netherlands liveable for the next 100 years. How do they do that? CrossOver develops “work-to-work,” “lifelong learning,” and “vitality” initiatives for technical professionals. They connect the expertise and language of sector organizations, management, HR, and technical professionals. Now they are looking for an enthusiastic action researcher who will lead and carry out impactful projects.

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Charlie + Mary agency


CharlieMary is an Amsterdam brand that will be launched in May 2021. The collections are stylish, affordable and conscious. CharlieMary already takes into account the entire life cycle of the clothing. The collections are designed to last, but the recyclability of the clothing is also taken into account. The collection is made from deadstock material and circular fabrics. The brand is founded by pioneering fashion entrepreneurs Charlotte van Waes and Marieke Vinck. They have been running a sustainable fashion company since 2009.

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Digital Storyteller / Content Creator

MX3D is the company that brought large-scale robotic wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) and its market to life and made enabling 3D metal printing more flexible, faster and cheaper. Now, MX3D is ready to transform the market further by launching the first dedicated robotic WAAM software enabling companies, engineers and designers to print end-to-end large-scale 3D metal objects in-house. Get ready for their 12 meters long fully 3D printed stainless steel pedestrian bridge which will will soon be installed in the heart of Amsterdam!

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Internship: Hands-on 3D Printer & Product designer

vanPlestic developed a 3D printer especially made to recycle plastic waste streams and turn them into beautiful products. We are a young company with a mission: creating beautiful circular products, raise awareness of the plastic problem and safe as much plastic as possible from incineration. We developed and build a 3D printer that uses plastic waste as a raw material. With our printers, we can locally recycle plastic into unique, high quality and affordable objects such as chairs, tables and flowerpots. We work with like minded companies such as HEMA, IKEA and Fairphone, and are looking forward to a few exciting projects in 2020!

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Closing the Loop

Business Analyst Intern

Closing the Loop supports corporate customers in their first steps towards greener IT usage. By compensating the negative impact of the procurement and the use of phones/tablets/notebooks for its customers. By means of inclusive, in-house developed circular services Closing the Loop has managed to compensate over 3 million end-of-life phones thus far. The proposition is ‘simple’: for the quantity of hardware CTL’s customer uses or purchases, the same quantity of African e-scrap is collected and recycled. One-for-one, creating a closed loop.

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African Clean Energy

Data Scientist

African Clean Energy is a B-Corp certified enterprise focused on enabling decentralised access to clean energy for rural households in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. We do this by manufacturing and directly distributing our proprietary product, the ACE One Energy System. We are currently rolling out our next generation ACE One, which will be sold in a smartphone bundle with a pre-installed ACE Connect app.

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Community Supporter

VraagApp is an app for people who have everyday questions that need answering. For example young people who are going to live on their own, low-literate people, the elderly and people with intellectual disability. They can ask their practical questions via text or speech to volunteers and gain some independence. VraagApp is used by the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Rotterdam and various healthcare institutions as a tool to support people with a vulnerability.

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Plastic Whale

Marketing & Communication internship

Plastic Whale is a fast-growing startup based in Amsterdam. We are a social enterprise with a mission: make the world’s waters plastic-free while creating cool products from plastic waste, involving as many people as possible. We organise plastic fishing events and use the Amsterdam canal plastic to build beautifully designed boats, as well as Plastic Whale Circular Furniture for offices.

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Ioniqa is a scale-up specialised in circular processes for plastic materials. In 2019 we launched an industrial process for PET packaging materials. The new plant will be the basis (‘blueprint’) for our licensing strategy, with other materials to follow soon. Ioniqa’s offices and labs are located in Eindhoven and our demo plant is in the Port of Rotterdam. Successful tests have been performed together with leading value chain partners such as Unilever and recently, a 10 million euro funding round was completed!

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Long-term employment

FOODLOGICA is the only fully electric logistic company focusing on refrigerated last mile solutions for exceptional food brands: we help food producers, catering, and food e-commerce companies solve any kind of logistic challenge related to last mile distribution. We cover basic needs such as refrigerated, dry or frozen storage, and also organise transport services, from order picking to cooled, frozen and dry deliveries, to in-store arrangement of products for Horeca, or door2door delivery for e-commerce.

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Meet Jack


Meet Jack is an organisation that has found jackfruit farmers, set up a supply chain, developed new recipes and become the only supplier of freshly frozen jackfruit in Holland, selling over 12,000kg of jackfruit in 2019! Jack is a fruit for meat lovers. He is a true jack of all trades, the perfect ingredient to replace meat. Now we need help introducing Jack to chefs around Amsterdam! 

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