News | Sollas x Impact Hub – Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sollas x Impact Hub - Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sollas, a well-known designer and manufacturer of high-quality product overwrapping systems, has recently teamed up with Impact Hub Amsterdam. We helped Sollas explore potential partnerships for the development of an innovative and sustainable paper equivalent to currently widely used plastic overwrapping film.


In this project Impact Hub Amsterdam guided the innovation process and collaboration between Sollas and innovation partner 1.5 Ventures. The collaboration resulted in the development of a novel plastic overwrapping film – made of paper, instead of plastic.

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Credits: Sollas

In-depth with Sollas

In this interview-style case study we go in-depth with Jan Hein Duijn (Manager Operations) and Dirk Verbeek (Engineering Manager) at Sollas, to learn how they experienced the collaboration. Going into goals, business strategies, innovations, and the future of sustainability in project development.



Jan Hein Duijn

Manager Operations



Dirk Verbeek

Engineering Manager

What was your main goal in teaming up with Impact Hub and joining the Impact Nation programme?

“We wanted to put sustainability on the agenda of all our departments and the management team. We also aimed to play a prominent role in the packaging chain and to be on the shortlist of companies potential customers call because we have the proper knowledge of sustainable wrapping solutions.

We needed to take a break from running every day to achieve both objectives. A third party, like Impact Hub, helps you stop; it provides an outside loop. Having the management team offsite for an entire morning at Impact Hub and focusing on one thing with a clear goal was immensely valuable.

That clear goal was to develop a coating that works with an overwrapping machine that seals inside out. This new coating would help us transition from plastic overwrapping plastic film to an innovative paper equivalent.

Thanks to the Impact Nation programme and being matched with our innovation partner 1.5 Ventures (Germany), we succeeded in co-developing this novel coating.”

What was the concrete result of your innovation partnership with 1.5 Ventures?

At the end of the 100 days of the Impact Nation programme, we pitched a concrete result that we are proud of: we showed – side by side – a box wrapped in transparent plastic and a box wrapped in translucent paper, a sustainable alternative for overwrapping paper boxes of high-end products like perfume and cosmetics. 

At the 2023 Interpack fair, we took the next step: we presented an end-of-line solution for transparent, fully recyclable paper-based packaging.

How else did Sollas and 1.5 Ventures benefit from your Impact Nation match?

“It was a win-win; 1.5 Ventures has the technical and sustainability know-how about coating, and we are experts in the overwrapping process and the market. 

So, 1.5 Ventures provided Sollas with knowledge, and, in return, we used our high-performance machines to give them a testing ground for their innovations.

In the long run, 1.5 Ventures wants to use the paper-related coating solution we co-developed for other parties, as it contributes to its broader goal: climate action and preventing the 1.5-degree warming of the planet.

As for Sollas, we are a machine factory that doesn’t sell or make paper. But customers will call somebody else if we don’t supply innovative solutions, like this end-of-line overwrapping solution using transparent paper. This solution will help us stay top of mind for our customers.”

What were the highlights of working with Impact Hub?

“By selecting the right partner, we tried to get out of our comfort zone and create a more significant impact. We could have worked with a similar partner in the Netherlands but wouldn’t have achieved the same result.

We decided that Impact Nation is a one-time opportunity. So, we opted for innovation with 1.5 Ventures, a Germany-based company. It wasn’t our first choice, but Impact Hub – especially Innovate Specialist Charley Snoek – convinced us it was the right way to go.

We also realised we needed to hire a colleague who concentrates on making sustainability more concrete. Without The Impact Nation programme, we wouldn’t have done that: hiring someone very young with a different mindset.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your partnership with Impact Hub?

“9 out of 10!”

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