Innovation Program

Unlock business opportunities through successful sustainable innovation

Impact Hub Amsterdam has developed an Innovation Programme to help large organisations realise their sustainability and business goals. This proven four-phase programme brings together 15 years of impact business expertise, a global network of 100+ locations and a deep market understanding. Read on below the image to learn more about our methodology.

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Start out small and budget-efficient.

We help organisations by developing and validating sustainability propositions in a practical, structured, rapid and fun way – without allocating too many resources before a case is proven. We believe that starting out small whilst staying aligned with your overarching strategy, and scaling up fast after successful pilot validation is the best strategy for sustainable innovation. We currently do this for clients of ABN AMRO, and organisations such as Ikea, Roche and Marktplaats.

CASE 01 – AM:

Impact Hub Amsterdam recently guided an innovation project for AM Gebiedsontwikkeling. The project resulted in a collaboration with impact startup ELGRA, which makes various elephant grass products with local farmers. The partnership recently received a circular chain project subsidy from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to further pilot circular bio-based construction materials.



Around 247 million kilos of furniture are thrown away annually in the Netherlands and often incinerated, a process with significant carbon emissions.

We proudly teamed up with IKEA and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship on multiple different projects, in order to help the company achieve its circularity ambitions by connecting it to innovative impact enterprises.

Innovation Program Outline


Impact Opportunity Workshop

The Impact Opportunity Workshop is developed to enable you to co-create and shape the direction of your innovation approach. Together with stakeholders from different departments and disciplines you will embark on a journey of discovery: exploring possibilities, opportunities, trends and best practices. The output is a map of your organisational challenges and ambitions, that we can leverage to start sourcing innovations that meet your specific needs.



Market & Innovation Mapping

The Market & Innovation Mapping phase provides you with invaluable insights into the current market dynamics. By analyzing industry trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes, we will provide you with sustainable opportunities that align with market demands and overarching business goals. This deep understanding empowers the development of a strategy that is not only environmentally responsible but also commercially viable.


Business Case Ideation

The Business Case Ideation phase provides you with business cases in which we propose sustainable innovations that align with your defined goals and ambitions. By identifying how sustainability can directly contribute to your profitability, risk reduction, and operational efficiency, you’ll have a set of strong cases that resonate with stakeholders, enabling you to showcase the strategic relevance of sustainability and gain buy-in from decision-makers.


Case Selection & Pilot Validation

The Case Selection & Pilot Validation phase builds upon the business cases developed in Phase 03. Driving sustainability and innovation requires more than just identifying viable business cases. It requires the successful implementation of solutions. We’ll guide you through a selection process, and enable you to make the right decisions for proceeding with one of the innovations – after which we’ll closely collaborate with you, and the selected solution provider to bring your business case to life in a pilot programme.

Outcomes & Results


Stakeholder alignment

Our Innovation Programme defines a clear trajectory for your innovation- and sustainability strategy. The collaborative nature ensures a sense of co-creation, aligning stakeholders from the start, which gives your guiding coalition clear purpose and a sense of ownership throughout the process.


In-depth insights into market dynamics

Sustainability is a shared responsibility. Our insights help you identify key target segments and supply-chain stakeholders. By pinpointing the most influential players and understanding their needs, motivations, and pain points, you can tailor your sustainability initiatives to create maximum impact. We also enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments. By tracking industry advancements, technological breakthroughs, and consumer preferences, you will be able to identify sustainable solutions that differentiate your business and drive innovation in order to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging trends.


A set of viable business cases

Incorporating sustainability into your business practices can deliver tangible financial benefits. With the help of our business propositions you will be able to quantitatively assess the potential return on investment, cost savings, and revenue generation associated with sustainability initiatives. In addition to the financial advantages, we will also help you identify and mitigate environmental, social, and governance risks that may impact your organization. By proactively addressing these risks, you can enhance the resilience of your business, safeguard your reputation, seize emerging opportunities in a changing world, and attract like-minded partners, engaged customers and top talent.


Guidance and support throughout the validation process

Selecting the right business cases is a critical step towards creating a future proof organisation. With our deep industry knowledge and extensive network of solution providers, we guide our clients in choosing the most viable and impactful solutions tailored to their unique sustainability goals and business objectives. By coordinating the necessary resources, monitoring progress, and providing expert guidance, we ensure an efficient pilot phase. This helps you mitigate the risks usually associated with investing in unproven solutions, and accelerates the implementation timeline – setting the stage for scalability, enabling you to expand your succesful pilot projects into larger initiatives.

Move beyond compliance

“As long as we comply, it’s okay…” is the common response we often hear with regards to methods and frameworks such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), MPG (Environmental Performance Standard Buildings), and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). These methods are developed for organizations to map their current standing with regards to sustainability, helping them understand their environmental and social impacts better.

Although the frameworks and methods can be challenging to keep up with for many organizations, at Impact Hub Amsterdam, we strive to transcend the mindset of mere compliance. Instead of viewing these frameworks as checkboxes to meet standards, we use them as design tools for fostering sustainable innovation and implementing impactful solutions more effectively and efficiently. Our aim is not just to meet the minimum requirements but to drive positive change and create a lasting and meaningful impact on society and the environment.

If you share a similar perspective and are passionate about making a difference, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Together, we can explore the business opportunities you could create through sustainable innovation.

Start leading the way.

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