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Fix Your Food Hackathon

During the Fix Your Food Hackathon on 25 & 26 January 2020, multidisciplinary teams will work on a more sustainable food system by solving real business challenges, attend pitch and brainstorm training, and expand their network. Cases include, among others, catering company Albron’s quest to incorporate small-scale suppliers into their logistics system and care farm Slangenburg’s wish to expand their business model. Teams pitch their business plan on 11 Feb during a special event with Young Impactmakers! Professionals & students of all fields may apply until 23 January.

Full of smart ideas and willing to lend others your brain power to solve food issues? Get your (team) ticket by clicking the Share Your Brain Power button!


Anyone who wants to create a more sustainable food system through innovation and entrepreneurship. You will be designing a business plan for your own great idea, or help someone finetune theirs, with the intention of actually making this business reality. People from all fields can submit their idea for the hackathon: from designer to developer; from food professional to student. The only requirement: an entrepreneurial mindset!


Real Cases

Work on your own business idea or on a real case from a startup or larger company! Find some examples below.  

Catering company Albron collaborates with wholesalers Sligro and Telesuper to get products from different suppliers to various clients. Sligro provides Albron with data about the suppliers’ products, processed in Albron’s data portal. How can Albron onboard sustainable, small-scale suppliers (inc. startups) into their system – whose product data are unknown to Sligro – while ensuring the system is up to date and complete at all times?

Care farm (Zorgboerderij) Slangenburg provides people with a meaningful place to work. They offer all sorts of activities and services, like a vegetable farm and a campsite. How can they adjust their business model or include additional products in their activity portfolio in order to focus more on local and healthy food and generate additional revenues to strengthen the entire business?


The idea owner of the winning team gets to participate in Impact Hub’s 3-month Business Model Challenge (BMC) incubator (value: €947) in April, with a partner. The BMC will allow you to finetune the business model you created during the hackathon, and get your business started! Supporting team members get to choose a Workbench skills training to attend!


  • Make an impact: the hackathon business plans are developed for actual implementation
  • Meet and work with industry experts from our sustainable Food Ecosystem, or meet your future co-founder!
  • Either get valuable input for your own business idea or help (other) entrepreneurs develop theirs
  • Learn the latest on brainstorming, business model crafting and entrepreneurship
  • Improve your pitching skills during the pitch training session
  • All teams will get to pitch their business model during the Food Ecosystem Meetup in February!