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Impact Hub Amsterdam's three-month Business Model Challenge (BMC) incubation program is designed to help ambitious entrepreneurs turn their brilliant ideas for a better world into successful startups. The BMC includes 3 training days, 4 masterclasses, 1 personal mentor, 1 pitch battle and all the perks of an Impact Hub membership for the entire duration of the program.

Apply for the BMC by 10 March!

Full-time BMC: Skills to Succeed

For the full-time part of our 14th BMC edition, which includes 3 full training days, we are collaborating with our partners Accenture in Nederland on the theme of Skills to Succeed. As the rapid pace of technological advance transforms the labour market, Accenture aims to prepare the next generation to thrive in tomorrow’s digital economy by helping them build digital and business skills at an earlier age.

Accenture joined forces with our Impact Hub to prepare todays's workforce for the future by leveraging impact entrepreneurship. Together, we will help a group of 10 to 12 impact entrepreneurs develop business models on 3 core topics:

1. Using the talents of refugees and newcomers. Here, we want to hear from entrepreneurs who use diversity for positive impact, such as our members Makers Unite. They connect talented newcomers to the local creative industry while also crafting sustainable designs from from materials such as upcycled life vests.

2. Redesigning education. This is for startups that work on a new education system, one that can match the future of work and boost the skills needed in the new economy - from programming to social work. Our members Starters4Communities for instance, train young professionals for careers in impact entrepreneurship and bottom-up urban development.

3. Making the workforce more inclusive. If your entrepreneurial initiative works the employment of people routinely disadvantaged in the labour market, then your enterprise might fit the bill. For example, Tante Tosti's delicious soups and toasties are made by local women aged over 50.

Part-time BMC: Other business ideas for a better world

For our part-time BMC, which includes 3 half-days of training, we are looking for 10 to 12 entrepreneurs working on impact areas other than Skills to Succeed. For inspiration, here are the participants of our 13th edition.

This part-time track was created for entrepreneurs who need a more flexible schedule. But you are still expected to dedicate as much energy to the BMC as the full-time participants - you will just do so in our own time.

During the BMC you will

✔ Bring your venture to the next level with business growth techniques used by the 270+ startups we supported

✔ Benefit from 3 training days, 4 masterclasses, 1 personal mentor and 1 pitch battle

✔ Work with experts from Accenture and Impact Hub to grow your business

✔ Develop a solid financial plan and financial business case

✔ Exchange peer-to-peer support with your fellow entrepreneurs

✔ Discover what sets your products or services apart from the competition

✔ Test your products and get lots of contstructive feedback to help improve them

✔ Better understand your target audience and customers

✔ Learn how tell your story and position your brand

✔ Become a master of the art of pitching successfully to potential investors

The BMC includes an Impact Hub membership, which gets you

✔ Inspiring connections among Impact Hub Amsterdam's vibrant community of 700 impact-driven professionals

✔ Access to Impact Hub's global network of 15,000 changemakers based at 100+ locations across the world

✔ The chance to attend one or more of 250 inspiring impact-driven events

✔ A Friday afternoon workplace at Impact Hub Amsterdam's beautiful new space at KIT near Oosterpak

✔ A 75 per cent discount on a co-work casual membership

✔ A 40 per cent discount on room bookings at Impact Hub Amsterdam

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The Business Model Challenge program is facilitated by trainers at Impact Hub Amsterdam. “Impact Hub is the leading global network designed for collaborative action to realise enterprising ideas for a better world. By offering social innovators and entrepreneurs access to a unique ecosystem of inspiration, people, programmes and resources, the Impact Hub helps advance sustainable impact.”

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Accenture will support the 14th edition of the Business Model Challenge with expertise and mentorship. The theme of this edition is rotted in the company’s corporate citizenship initiative, Skills to Succeed, through which the company uses technology to improve employment and entrepreneurship outcomes at scale.

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Your BMC facilitators

jasper mutsaerts bmc

Jasper Mutsaerts

After working as a strategy consultant at McKinsey, Jasper co-founded a travel agency, a social network and a co-working space. When people began approaching him for startup advice, he discovered that working at the intersection of consulting and entrepreneurship gives him energy. Jasper’s mission is to help startups define a clear strategy and reach their goals so they can improve our world, one startup at a time. At Impact Hub he has helped more than 150 impact entrepreneurs develop better business models and rethink crucial areas such as impact, strategy, people, execution and cash.

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Rutger Bults

Rutger combines running his own enterprise with supporting other entrepreneurs to grow. He is passionate about the combination between biodiversity and socio-economic development, and has made restoring Madagascar’s unique ecosystem his life goal. His company, Grounded Madagascar, cultivates and processes crops with a positive effect on soil quality and that can also be sold as botanical ingredients to cosmetics and food companies. Rutger also worked as an inclusive business developer for the BoP Innovation Center, WakaWaka and Impact Hub Global. He has co-developed and facilitated the Business Model Challenge for Impact Hub Amsterdam and lectures at the University of Amsterdam in systems thinking and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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BMC fees

Part-time BMC: € 699,- ex BTW per person (+1 business partner half price)
Full-time BMC: € 799,- ex BTW per person (+1 business partner half price)

BMC timeline

For full-and part-time BMC

Kickoff event
28 Mar: 13:00 - 16:00

5 Apr: Stakeholder Engagement
3 May: Crowdfunding
7 Jun: Accounting & Finance

Work on Your Business days
18 Apr: 10:00 - 17:00
22 May: 10:00 - 17:00
6 Jun: 10:00 - 17:00

Pitch event
14 Jun: 16:00 - 19:00

Training days full-time BMC

4 Apr: 9:00 - 17:00
2 May: 9:00 - 17:00
23 May: 9:00 - 17:00

Training days part-time BMC

11 Apr: 9:00 - 13:00
16 May: 9:00 - 13:00
31 May: 9:00 - 13:00


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