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Business Model Challenge #20

Our Business Model Challenge (BMC) programme includes a digital learning journey with 12 modules, 3 training days by an experienced trainer, 3 masterclasses, peer-to-peer insights, Q&A sessions, a personal mentor, and a final pitch event. For the #20 edition, we selected 10 impactful startups that solve various sustainability problems from fast fashion to food-loss and more. Read on to learn more about them! 

Plant-based Fashion

Plant-based Fashion is an online platform reselling plant-based fashion lines and reinvesting into regenerative fashion value chains.


Cooper's Refillery

Cooper’s Refillery creates refill stations that can be used to refill basic household cleaning supply products in supermarkets.



Wearent is a fashion rental platform with a curated monthly subscription.



Solverr is an online platform that connects people with a task, chore, or issue to people within the neighborhood who can help.



Romie.Design is a design studio that dissects industrial food production systems to gain a critical understanding of our modern relationship with food.



Badhuis is a New-Nordic inspired public bathing house in Amsterdam. 



Realeggsation is a safe space where people can make a true and authentic connection with the inner self.


Kakanda is making gold and precious stone sourcing transparent and responsible.

Technifris Agro Solutions

Technifris Agro Solutions creates sustainable tech to reduce food-loss during storage and transport.


40 Days

40 Days is an online travel agent providing employment and shareholding to villagers in developing destinations.