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Food Pioneers Program Fall 2022

Our 6-month Village Food Pioneers Program helps startups to accomplish their business goals through various training sessions and guidance from coaches and experts. Impact Hub Amsterdam, the Food Hub, and Flevo Campus professionals are combining strengths and networks within the food ecosystem to organise this program.

For the Village Food Pioneers Program #2022/2023, we have selected 15 exciting startups that make a positive impact on the food sector in various ways – from soy-free tofu and packaging free shops to innovative ideas to fight food waste with miso. Meet all the entrepreneurs below.

Pictured: Mojo Mate

Rabia Kechouh

Rabia makes healthier alternatives to sweets in the Netherlands. This dietitian offers a healthy alternative to everyone’s sweet tooth, made with whole grains and 100% plant based ingredients that are low in saturated (bad) fat. So far, she’s selling these to the hospitality industry and school canteens, to help people get the right nutrition.

Raoul Schuurman

Raoul makes cold cuts and charcuterie from saved and grass fed Jersey Bulls. These bulls are not considered suitable for the regular meat industry, which means they get killed and thrown away. Raoul, together with the farmer he works with, gives Jersey Bulls a different future. Meat that is organically grown, with care.

David & Lars

David and Lars are two good friends who decided to turn their passion for flavour into the first Dutch maté company: Mojo Maté. This completely organic and guilt free caffeinated soda is locally crafted in the Netherlands, and made with green yerba maté from Brazil, real fruit juice, and only a little raw cane sugar.

Alon Ziv

Alon ferments a diverse and ever changing selection of local and organic vegetables in wooden barrels. He wants to create the tastiest food, whilst preserving it the right way. Through this, he wants to benefit people’s health, local agriculture, and food culture.

Marloes Meerveld

Marloes and Merle make 100% natural sauces and dressings out of rescued vegetables! Their mission is to change the sauce and dressing market for good with their honest and healthy products. All made without chemicals, but with new innovative flavours and ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.

Tanya Vannawat

Tanya’s Tan Thai is on a mission to make Thai cuisine future proof by revolutionising traditional ingredients. She wants to promote a healthier diet with innovative food products. Think of Soy-free tofu from locally grown chickpeas, Traditional Vegan Fish Sauce, and much more.

Vimala Moodley

Vimala creates South African fusion foods with an explosion of flavours. She is sharing the taste of South African cuisine in the Netherlands through her catering at events and food workshops.

Linde van der Knaap

De Gieterij is a food package free store with local organic products! They sell fresh and local products, unpacked dried products, and of course everything they sell is sustainability made. They are on a mission to diminish waste, and facilitate people who want to change their lifestyle into a more sustainable one.

Nicole McMahon

Nicole makes chilli based condiments that spices up your plate, this turns your meal into a taste explosion instead of just a chore. Nicole tries to use local ingredients as much as possible. These savoury condiments are also vegan and gluten-free, to ensure you no more boring meals.

Girish Balakrishnan

Girish, the founder of Skinny G’s, created a planet-first vegan nut butter and energy snack company. His mission is to minimise the impact on the planet by sourcing regenerative organic ingredients as local as possible, to shorten the supply chain, whilst still serving tasty and all-natural food.

Erika Hirose

Erika not only makes Miso from bread waste, but has designed a kit that enables you to do it yourself! Tons of bread worldwide goes to waste: WAKEAT provides a healthy solution. With the help of traditional Japanese techniques that she learned from her grandmother, Erika gives us local and organically made Miso.

Hanne van Beuningen

Hanne came up with the idea of BRAUT: using stale bread as a resource to make an Eastern European inspired drink called Kvass. With so much bread going to waste, fermented bread together with a little bit of Dutch honey is a tasty solution. All resources are locally available in the Netherlands!

Jennifer Bootsma

Jenniffer created KIEMM to allow you to grow your own local microgreens at home. This not only makes eating healthy more fun, but also brings awareness to the table. Jennifer does this by sending you on a journey of discovery in your kitchen, whilst skipping the plastic containers.

Eva Lia-Jordan

Eva from La Lia serves you delicious 100% all natural Crispy Chilli Oil. She shares her old family recipe and brings authentic flavours from the Old East back to the Western world, adding an extra kick to all your dishes. She hopes you love her pride as much as she does, but filled in a jar.

Joey & Shirley

Joey & Shirley are the founders of wheat. pray. love, an Amsterdam-based company dedicated to creating and sharing the perfect seitan. Seitan – pronounced “say-tan”- is a vegan meat substitute made from wheat. Yes, wheat! When processed correctly, it takes on a meat-like texture and neutral flavour, perfect for veganizing your favourite dishes.