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Meet the Startups | Impact the Food Chain Accelerator 2021

The Impact the Food Chain Accelerator, part of our Food Ecosystem, is 5-month growth programme for impact entrepreneurs who work on the transition towards a more sustainable food system. For the 2021 edition, we have selected 7 startups that focus on sustainable proteins, short and/or fair supply chains, biodiversity, food waste, or access to healthy & sustainable food. Read on to meet the startups!

The Impact the Food Chain Accelerator is created in collaboration between Impact Hub Amsterdam, The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Stichting Doen, Brave New Food & Food Hub.

Montgomery’s has cracked the code to making delicious vegan ice cream, without compromising in taste or texture. Determined to not let dairy and eggs stand in the way of enjoying ice cream, two friends went on the path of creating their own perfect ice cream, vegan-proof and approved by non-vegans. Read more.
Max & Bien provides high-quality plant-based cheeses for all cheese-fanatics out there. Being a traditional premium cheese brand, Max & Bien applies ancient techniques to nuts, oats and wheat to create their tasty matured hard cheeses & soft cheeses, as well as other dairy alternatives. Made by real cheese lovers, for cheese fanatics or anyone who wants to enjoy responsibility. Read more.
Grounded Ingredients is a marketplace for wild and cultivated natural goods, sourced equitably from producers committed to regenerative farming and sustainable wild harvesting. Founded by two friends, sharing a vision for sustainable farming, the two help producers restore their soils, promote fairer economies and create more robust food systems. Wanting to bridge the gap between producers and buyers, Grounded seeks for producers invested in regenerative practices to be paid fairly for their goods and for buyers seeking regenerative ingredients to access them. Grounded Ingredients is a marketplace that serves both. Read more.
The conscious bakers at Donny Craves make the most delicious cakes and cookies that are both nutritious and sustainable. Donny Craves bakes 100% vegetable cakes and add ’rescued’ vegetables to their recipes, such as carrots or zucchini. With a mission to waste less food, use less energy and water, they take the planet, nature and animals into account. The goodness of biscuits combined with the goodness of vegetables. Read more.
ProTeen transforms Africa’s cities waste into sustainable feed & fertilizer. In a circular process, ProTeen feeds urban organic-waste to Black Soldier Fly larvae. After a short rearing period these larvae can be harvested, dried and processed into high-quality protein feed for livestock production. Making farming more productive, sustainable and profitable throughout Africa. Read more.
Natulatte supplies vegan milk and chocolate milk powder for the business coffee machine. With its plant-based milk and cocoa powder, Natulatte ensures an animal-free and sustainable coffee break through all unmanned coffee corners. Providing vegetable creamer as a better, healthier and more sustainable alternative, while bringing joy to the coffee break. Read more.
Cas & Kas saw a need for really tasty vegan snacks in the catering industry. That's why they put on their chef's hats and developed their own vegan bitterballen and croquettes, indistinguishable from traditional ones. Vegan, without mess and made with love! Served in Rotterdam, where the emphasis is on the positive: enjoyment, fun and a delicious taste! Can & Kas underlines the importance of being present with their food in places where people come together and enjoy life. Read more.