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Circular Ecosystem day | SOLD OUT

We would like to welcome you during our Circular ecosystem day where we connect and strengthen relationships between impact entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, corporates, government, and other organisations. Our Circular Ecosystem Day will take place on Wednesday 21 September, and in this edition we will have a special focus on the fashion and textile industry.



12:00 – 14:30 CIRCO Community event  | Invite only 

This afternoon will be dedicated to inspiration, networking and knowledge sharing around the topic of  circular entrepreneurship. Read more here


13:00 – 15:00 Impact Nation | Invite only | FULL

Impact Nation organizes an interactive session with Modint & DCTV fashion and textile transition expert Peter Koppert, Bart Brüggenwirth of B-Open and Impact Hub’s circular fashion expert Maartje Janse. Under their guidance, we dive deeper into the sustainability challenges in the fashion and textile industry. Read more here. 


14:30 – 18:00 Open Program 

The afternoon program will start with a keynote by Marcel den Hollander, followed by the launch of our Circular Textile program in Amsterdam and Fashion Fail Forward.


  • 15:00 Circular Textiles in Amsterdam
    This 2-year program funded by the Municipality of Amsterdam, Stichting DOEN Foundation, and the Goldschmeding Foundation, in which 3 partners (Metabolic, Impact Hub Amsterdam and Bankers without Boundaries) investigate how  through a systematic approach a cohort of innovative companies can be found, scaled up and financed to stimulate the transition to a circular textile value chain.

  • 15:15 Keynote speaker: Marcel den Hollander works as an independent researcher and industrial design consultant to industry in circular product design and business models for the circular economy. As one of the first he studied industrial design at the TU Delft followed by a Ph.D in circular product design and with over 20 years of experience in commercial industrial design for renowned design studios, designing consumer goods from (food)packaging to office furniture, we are proud to have him at the Ecosystem day.


  • 16:00 Fail Forward: As part of our Circular Textile Program we are organising a Fail Forward Fashion edition, in which the founders of circular fashion companies Loop.a life, Bright.Fiber Textiles, Makers Unite & United Repair Center talk about how they failed with a positive outcome. By making ‘learning by doing’ a shared good, we all help each other one step further in the transition to a circular fashion and textile industry.


  • 16:40 – 18:00 Drinks with Impact Hub’s circularity network 

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