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Impact Nation Session | Invite only | FULL

The fashion and textile industry is facing major sustainability challenges, and major policy changes are on the way. More and more entrepreneurs are noticing that sustainability is crucial to be future-proof. That is why Impact Nation is organizing an interactive session with MVO Netherlands & DCTV fashion and textile transition expert Michiel van Yperen and Impact Hub’s circular fashion expert Maartje Janse. Under their guidance, we dive deeper into the sustainability challenges in the fashion and textile industry.  

Why join this session? 

We will dive into the major trends in sustainability and discuss how textile companies can best approach and handle these trends. We talk about the policy changes that are coming up in the next 5 years (think of the UPV). During the session there is the opportunity to exchange experiences with other entrepreneurs and to think together about what is needed to build a future-proof company.

At the end of the afternoon you walk away with:

  • An overview of the most important developments in the field of circular entrepreneurship
  • Input from fellow entrepreneurs about their plans and ambitions about circular entrepreneurship.
  • First ideas how to future-proof your company for the upcoming sustainability developments.


13:00- Doors open and introduction

13:15- Knowledge sharing of experts with Michiel van Yperen (MVO/DCTV) and Henk Hofstede (ABN AMRO Bank)

13:45- Breakout groups and share findings

14:30 Q&A and wrap up


15:00 – Impact Hub Nederland talk 

15:15 – Keynote Marcel den Hollander 

16:00 – Fashion Fail Forward 


Michiel van Yperen (MVO/DCTV) 

Experienced CSR expert and process manager with a passion for developing innovative business cases in the textile, leather, jute, construction and agri-food sectors. Author of the book ‘Entrepreneurship for Transition’.

Henk Hofstede (ABN AMRO Bank)

Henk Hofstede is a retail sector banker. He conducts research into changing consumer behaviour, e-commerce and big data, new revenue models and techniques such as blockchain, collaboration and opportunities that sustainability and circularity can offer the sector.

Circular Ecosystem Day of Impact Hub

This event is part of Circular Ecosystem Day. In all Ecosystems of Impact Hub Amsterdam, we bring together and strengthen relationships between impact entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, corporates, government, and other organisations. Together, we spur innovation and co-create an inclusive and sustainable economy. Read more about our ecosystem.

About Impact Nation

With Impact Nation we help companies become more sustainable within 100 days. Together we tackle your most important sustainability challenge and make sustainability part of your business. In December 2022, a new group of entrepreneurs will start in the fashion and textile sector. More information about the program and its impact can be found here.

Follow-up program

After the Impact Nation event you are also invited to join the follow-up program from 3 pm. Listen to a keynote by Circular Design Consultant & Researcher Marcel den Hollander, followed by a ‘Fashion Fail Forward’. The founders of circular fashion companies Loop.a Life and Makers Unite & United Repair Center talk about what they have learned in the transition to a circular economy in the fashion and textile industry.