Workbench series

Our monthly Workbench series of workshops, which takes place every first Thursday of the month, is for impact entrepreneurs who want to deep dive on specific topics. Each Workbench you are joined by up to 20 other entrepreneurs to tackle one of six regularly rotating topics led by an expert: legal advice, marketing & sales, finance & funding, organisational culture & structure, sustainable operations, and impact measurement. Whether you’re already an Impact Hub member or not, you’re welcome to join and get the knowledge and tools to grow your business!


Impact Hub members can attend for free. For non-members, individual sessions are €30 each.

Upcoming sessions:

PR & Thought Leadership | 3 October Amplify your voice as a purpose-driven thought leader! As social entrepreneurs you’re already designing solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, but are you bringing your audience along in the journey? What stories do you tell? Across what channels? Owned or earned? This workshop is for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and founders looking to take their vision and visibility to the next level. With Lucy von Sturmer, founder of The Humblebrag.

Workbench | Finance

Workbench | Finance If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t have a business. Profitable entrepreneurs develop precise financial plans that predict vital information such as how much money it will take to get started. Such financial planning is essential,… More

Workbench | Operations

Workbench | Operations How to Operate at High Cadence and High Impact The goal of this workshop is to improve the operating effectiveness of founding teams, provide frameworks and tools to do so. You will work on: 1) Knowledge of… More

Workbench | Growth Hacking

Workbench | Growth Hacking Growth Hacking for Positive Impact. Growth Hacking is a process to optimise growth by creative marketing, behavioural psychology, data analyses, tooling, and automation. It’s a form of product- and data driven digital marketing to optimise and… More