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Impact Hub Amsterdam supports you at the most crucial stages of your business. We help you start, grow, and scale your business and increase your impact in the Netherlands and beyond.

We offer in-house programs, such as the Business Model Challenge and the Investment Ready Program, but we also collaborate with corporate, governmental, and other organisations to co-design customised accelerators across multiple sectors and impact areas. Not sure which programme is the best fit for you? Book a free business consultation below.


Food Chain Accelerator 2021

A successful accelerator designed for innovative startups or SMEs (MKB) working on a more sustainable food chain. Our Food Chain Accelerator helps food startups strengthen their revenue models, growth strategies, and impact over the course of 13 training days, with guidance from experts, mentors, financiers, and strategic partners!

Business Model Challenge

You have the green dreams – we hand you the business tools. Join the ranks of 350+ alumni and apply for our Business Model Challenge incubator! In three months, you will finetune your business plan, strengthen your entrepreneurial skills, and expand your impact business network in a blended, on & offline programme.

Business Model Challenge | Circular Edition

You have the green dreams – we hand you the business tools. Join the ranks of 350+ alumni and apply for our Business Model Challenge incubator! In three months, you will finetune your business plan, strengthen your entrepreneurial skills, and expand your impact business network in a blended, on & offline programme.
1 January 2021 - 3 Feb 2022

Circulair Ondernemen in Noord-Holland

Provincie Noord-Holland en Impact Hub Amsterdam werken samen om het circulaire ecosysteem in de provincie te versterken. Gedurende 2021 faciliteren we iedere maand expertsessies, netwerkevenementen of masterclasses om aan de slag te gaan met circulariteit.

BMC Online

BMC Online is a well-curated digital learning journey of 10 weeks, guiding you through the building blocks of a successful impact business. Every week, you get access to new modules, templates & exercises with real-life examples. You complete the course in your own time, but you’ll always have a peer group to turn to!

CIRCO Hub Noord-Holland

Vanaf 21 juli 2021 is Impact Hub Amsterdam officieel ook de CIRCO Hub Noord-Holland. CIRCO versnelt de ontwikkeling naar een circulaire economie, met design als motor. Door middel van CIRCO Tracks stellen we jou als MKB in de gelegenheid om binnen jouw bedrijf aan de slag te gaan met een circulair product of dienst en…

Food Pioneers Program

The Village Food Pioneers Program offers fifteen free workplaces for impactful food entrepreneurs starting September 2021. With the guidance of coaches and experts, you will develop both your professional self and your company and become part of a close-knit, international community. Take your company to the next level!
APR - SEP 2021

Masterclass Societal Transitions

The Masterclass Societal Transitions, designed by Impact Hub Amsterdam and DRIFT Transition Academy, combines the latest scientific research on sustainability transitions, social innovation and entrepreneurship with pragmatic insights and experiences from transition management and entrepreneurial practice. Special attention is paid to issues of power relations and processes of empowerment, including the paradoxes and dilemmas underlying change.
Mar 2021 - Q1 2022

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge

We’re scouting for the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge for the third year running! The global program aims to support entrepreneurial startup and scaleup-stage businesses run by BIPOC entrepreneurs who are developing solutions that promote inclusive and positive change in fashion.   
Apr 2021 - Jan 2022

WDCD No Waste Challenge

What Design Can Do (WDCD) launched the No Waste Challenge, in partnership with IKEA Foundation. Designers and creatives from around the world are invited to submit their innovative solutions to reduce waste and rethink the current production and consumption cycle. Winners receive a prize fund and a 6-month accelerator programme co-created with Impact Hub Amsterdam!

Impact Nation 2020

We’ve teamed up with ABN AMRO and TNW to develop Impact Nation, a programme in which we match SMEs & organisations with innovative impact scale-ups to collaborate on implementing innovations at scale.
21 MAY - 15 JULY 2021

Inclusief Eten

As part of the Sustainable Food Ecosystem, Impact Hub Amsterdam is launching the 2-month Inclusief Eten programme in collaboration with Stichting Albron. In Inclusief Eten, we match young people in search for purposeful jobs to initiatives that promote social inclusion by means of growing, cooking, saving or sharing food. This programme is in Dutch.
Feb - June 2021

Boost je Buurt

Vote for your favourite Amsterdam-based impact entrepreneur! In Boost je Buurt, 28 impact entrepreneurs have joined the challenge to win an incubator programme by Impact Hub Amsterdam and a development budget of € 2,500, € 5,000, or € 7,500! The prizes will be awarded during the final on 17 June. Which impactmaker gets your vote?
MAR - JUNE 2021

Business Model Challenge | Inclusion

The themed edition of this spring’s Business Model Challenge (BMC) is for entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact on social themes like immigration, (refugee) integration, discrimination, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, disability, or poverty. Boost your business model in our BMC incubator and join the ranks of 350+ alumni!

FABB | The Sustainable Fashion Accelerator

Fashion Accelerator for Better Business (FABB) gave sustainable startups the chance and skills needed to grow in the fashion industry.  FABB offered expert guidance, one-on-one coaching, and peer-to-peer learning in a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs. 
OCT 2020 - MAR 2021

Investment Ready Program

During this 5-month accelerator (now in its 7th year!) powered by the ING Nederland Foundation, we’ll help you review your business model, strategy, team as well as craft a funding plan to grow your sustainable business. At the programme’s concluding Demo Day, you’ll pitch your plan to our network of impact investors!

Soft-landing Program | Fashion

During our Softlanding Program to Vienna, participants got the chance to present their sustainable fashion brand to various stakeholders in Amsterdam: retail, social enterprises, the municipality, startups, investors, and sustainability experts. The program is an initiative of Impact Hub Amsterdam and Amsterdam Impact.

Business Model Challenge

Our Business Model Challenge has been running twice a year since 2012, and just finished its 19th edition! Do you have an innovative and sustainable business (idea)? Keep an eye out for the next edition coming up! Alongside experts from acclaimed organisations such as Accenture, we will teach you the growth techniques used by the…

Business Model Challenge | Fashion

During our Business Model Challenge, Fashion edition, we brought together entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas for the sustainable fashion industry. With experts from organisations such as Accenture, we shared the growth techniques we’ve used to finetune business models of the 350+ startups we’ve incubated to date in our Business Model Challenges!


This year, we developed the RE:SILIENCE program to support impact-driven companies and equip them with the tools to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than before. Now, we’ve launched an online-only version of the program specifically for impact entrepreneurs from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA), supported by our partner, Amsterdam Impact.


Because of their approach, impact entrepreneurs are often resilient. But they are not immune to economic conditions. They, too, are now being challenged to rethink their model, product chain, channels, team, or partnerships to weather the crisis. Impact Hub Amsterdam, Goldschmeding Foundation and Amsterdam Impact developed the RE:SILIENCE program to help impact entrepreneurs.

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

An international entrepreneurship program that drives change by empowering female impact entrepreneurs. Founded in 2006 by Cartier, the program is open to women-run and women-owned businesses from any country and sector that aim to have a strong and sustainable social and/or environmental impact.

Business Model Challenge | Food & Packaging

In this edition of the Business Model Challenge (BMC), we helped entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into a successful impact startup in just three months! We collaborated with experts, mentors and an inspiring group of entrepreneurs working to make food and its packaging more sustainable.
2019 & 2020

Impact the Food Chain Accelerator

A successful accelerator designed for innovative startups or SMEs (MKB) working on making the food chain more sustainable. Our Food Chain Accelerator helped startups strengthen their revenue models, growth strategies, and impact over the course of 13 training days, with guidance from experts, mentors, financiers, and strategic partners!
APR - JUN 2021

Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge

We’re scouting for Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge for the fourth year running! This challenge supports impact startups from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, and Norway that contribute to a sustainable planet.

Bright Minds for Covid

The impact program by Young Impactmakers designed specifically to help impactful corona initiatives forward together with a group of other young talents. Participants were matched with an initiative, taking their goals and experience into consideration, and received online training, coaching and hands-on working experience.

Soft Landing Program | Food

During our softlanding trip to Berlin, we helped entrepreneurs break into a new market. We introduced entrepreneurs to all the relevant local actors from the local food and impact sector, including food industry players, regulation experts, and impact investors. The program is an initiative of Impact Hub Amsterdam and Amsterdam Impact. 

Fix Your Food Hackathon

A third of all food is wasted and eating meat negatively impacts the climate. Meanwhile, food is flown all over the world and we wrap it in plastic that ends up in the oceans. Time for change! Participants turned their business ideas into a concrete business plan with an interdisciplinary team.

The Student Hotel Changemakers Challenge

The Student Hotel’s Changemakers Challenge is a competition in which students work on a real business case of a (social) enterprise that solves a societal problem. Together with a TSH Coach and the case owner, a team of students works on an innovative solution.

The Chivas Venture

Each year, the Chivas Venture competition rewards innovative startups that use business to tackle the world’s biggest social and environmental issues with a share of $1 million in no-strings-attached funding and expert coaching. In 2019, Chivas asked Impact Hub Amsterdam to help them find the best innovations from around the world.

Dopper Changemaker Challenge

Students based in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK or Nepal, took part in the Dopper Changemaker Challenge for a chance to win a €5,000 research grant, promo support and valuable contacts.

Business Model Challenge | Food Edition

The Dutch food chain is in need of change. Though the agro-food sector is the largest economic sector in the Netherlands, it is facing considerable challenges. It is responsible for a large share of national CO2 emissions, and the landscape is suffering from a loss of biodiversity. In addition, the Netherlands is the second largest…

Business Model Challenge | Plastics edition

In just 60 years, we’ve collectively created more than 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste. And almost 80% of this is estimated to have ended up in landfill or as litter, polluting our land and oceans. There’s no way around it: we need to create a circular economy, in which plastic never becomes waste. 

Plastic Free Ocean Accelerator

With plastic waste getting into the ocean at a rate of 1 dump truck per minute and a bleak prediction of more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, the time to act is now. WWF and Impact Hub Amsterdam joined forces to accelerate 10 startups that develop innovative solutions to reduce plastic pollution.

Booking Booster partnered with our Impact Hub network to co-create an intensive three-week accelerator that aims to turn tourism into a force for good by improving the sustainability of destinations through cultural heritage, environment and inclusive business.

Organic Food Against Climate Change

Multinational food company Wessanen wants to contribute to a green future by changing the way we produce our food and by encouraging consumers to make more sustainable choices.  The organisation opened up its network and expertise to entrepreneurs that address key challenges of the global food system.

New Material Award

In this incubator co-created with the DOEN Foundation, we helped 12 designers nominated for the prestigious New Material Award with developing business plans for their innovative products. And to ensure they can get their designs out there, we boosted their knowledge of strategy, finance, legal, production, branding, and impact measurement.

De Uitdaging

DE UITDAGING (The Challenge) is organized by Impact Hub Amsterdam and the City of Amsterdam. It’s an intensive 3-month program in which you strengthen your business model, develop your entrepreneurial skills and learn how to collaborate efficiently with the Municipality of Amsterdam (in Dutch).

Amsterdam City Fellowship

In this 8-month program, which ran until December 2017, impact entrepreneurs develop their innovative products / services and receive expert guidance and mentoring from the municipality and Impact Hub’s extensive networks.
Connect with a valuable network to solve global and local challenges
GORDANA GORIC | Senior Lecturer University Vernity