Take your first steps
Take your first steps

Take your first steps into sustainability

Want to make your operations more sustainable or to launch a new impact product? We are here to help your company identify innovation opportunities, prioritize sustainability challenges, and develop a solid action plan for your impact goals. Interested? Get in touch


Define your sustainability challenge |
Embedding impact into your core business operations is a complex process. Don’t know where to start? Our coaches, experts and facilitators will guide you and your team through a free workshop that turns your impact ambition into a clearly defined challenge.


Get ready to make an impact |
Once you’ve zoomed in on your sustainability challenge, empower your team to bring it to the next level. From Business Modelling to Impact Measurement and Collaborative Leadership, our clinics will give you the tools and knowledge you need to develop an innovative impact strategy or product.


Connect to innovative entrepreneurs |
During our innovation labs, you will meet pioneering entrepreneurs from our growing impact ecosystems. Get inspired by innovators that are tackling similar sustainability challenges and develop meaningful collaborations.


Solve a challenge with your peers |
Need support with your sustainability challenge? We will curate the right mix of subject-matter experts and innovative entrepreneurs to help you harness the power of peer-to-peer collaboration and leave each session with actionable next steps.