News | Relegating plastics in sportswear

Relegating plastics in sportswear

Did you know that 90% of all sportswear contains polyester or another form of plastic?  Erik de Groot, co-founder of Iron Roots, describes his own personal discovery of the excessive use of plastics in sportswear. ‘I’m an athlete myself, I am always working out and am very active,’ he says. ‘Back in 2017, after a workout I got to talking with two friends about how strange it was that it was virtually impossible to buy sportswear without plastics, without polyester, nylon or elastane. The big issue is that when you wash those clothes, little pieces of plastic, microfibers, disappear straight into the ocean. We could not find an alternative, so we figured we should make it ourselves. So we did.’

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 So, spying a gap in the industry and sniffing out sustainable solutions, Iron Roots focuses on making activewear that doesn’t release microplastics. This means that it doesn’t release tiny pieces of polluting plastic every time it is washed. 

What’s more, in using alternative materials, Iron Roots’ products cut CO2 emissions. For example, their hemp products emit around 60% less CO2 in the production process compared to polyester products.

On top of these already notable benefits, Iron Roots are committed to fair production practices.  By working with factories who are dedicated to fair production standards, they make sure that people who work to manufacture their sustainable garments are treated with respect and dignity, both socially and financially. 

While  these are all essential considerations to make when forging a sustainable brand, athletic apparel also needs to perform.  Iron Roots have developed natural fabrics made to enhance training. Their natural fabrics, such as hemp and lyocell, each have unique properties. For example, antibacterial, needing far less washing, and antistatic, which make them perfect for working out.

Iron Roots are proving themselves to be leaders in the field. By combining natural materials with a fair supply chain,  they show the world that sustainability is no zero-sum game!

Iron Roots© was founded in 2017, by Ashkan, Stefan & Erik, three friends that were fed up with the fact that more than 90% of all sportswear was made from plastics. When we couldn’t find a good alternative, we decided to take matters in our own hands. By combining design, functionality and sustainability, we aim to create the best sportswear in the world.