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The Student Hotel Changemakers Challenge

The Student Hotel is calling all young changemakers to join the second edition of the TSH Changemakers Challenge! Students all around the world can team up to work on a real business case that has a positive impact on a societal problem. Case topics include Fashion, Food, Sports, Tech, and Water! The team that does best wins the title of TSH Changemaker 2020 and an international learning trip!
It is a great initiative from TSH and a platform for both students and entrepreneurs to gain experiences and insights!
The winning team, TSH Changemakers Challenge 2019



More than 90% of all athletic apparel is made from plastics, which release microplastics when washed. Iron Roots make THE alternative to this; plastic-free athletic apparel!

The case

They would love to put more emphasis on creative ways to tell their mission to the people. An addition to our current marketing affairs could include events, collaborative collections with sustainable organisations or guerilla marketing tactics. Can you develop a solid plan to create more awareness?


FALAFVAL is a sustainable food/catering company. They are on a mission to minimise the large amounts of food waste in the Netherlands by making falafel from left over fruit & vegetable pulp from juice bars in Rotterdam. The result? Plant based, healthy, tasty & sustainable falafel.

The case

They would like you to create a strategy for saving as much pulp as possible in a sustainable way, whilst adhering to the laws and legislation around the use of waste/by-products. In other words, how should they deal with the logistics of expanding, and thus needing more pulp?

Shared Packaging is the first loop system for food containers with online food delivery. You pay a deposit, scan the container and select your preferred collection method. They clean and deliver the containers back to the restaurants, reducing single-use plastic waste produced in the Netherlands.

The case

The biggest challenge with this concept is consumer behaviour. They want to engage customers through reward systems, messages, graphics or other efficient collection methods. Can you help them develop the right set of incentives and triggers to motivate the consumers to return the food containers?


KLABU aims to be the biggest sports club in the world where people can discover their potential. They specifically power inclusive access to sports in underrepresented communities. Proceeds from their brand sustain their sports clubhouse operations, located in Kalobeyei, Kenya.

The case

KLABU’s looking for a dedicated team of motivated students to develop a replicable strategy for selling inventory of their products that have been in stock for some time. Can you think of a creative solution(s) that allows them to sell their products at full price and not stay on the shelves for too long?


Only 10% of blind people is braille literate. Hable’s an Eindhoven based start-up that has developed the world’s first braille keyboard for smartphones, making it easy for people to learn the language. By using gamification, learning braille can be fun, fast and done without much supervision, thereby reducing the costs.

The case

They are looking for students who can design a concept for this new product that can help people all over the world. Can you think of a creative concept to engage people who are visually impaired or blind to learn braille with Hable’s keyboard?

Terra Nova foundation for Democratic Design enables people with different backgrounds to engage in open dialogue about complex or controversial topics. Together with children and teachers, they’ve designed and published the dialogue game ‘Terra Nova Mini Society’, transforming large abstract issues into comprehensible challenges.

The case

Terra Nova wants to use the game in a more continuous and self-sustaining way. How can they grow a viable community amongst the users of Terra Nova Mini Society, that fosters active involvement by means of exchange of experiences, content, tips and meet-ups, in order to learn from the many different user backgrounds?

Sensegrass is making the first Smart Soil Sensing NPK Sensor for pesticide and fertilizer detection for farmers, using IoT and AI algorithm-based prediction software. The AI-based software helps farmers to make better decisions based on real-time data, to better manage fertilizer, and to detect crop disease thereby maximising crop yield.

The case

They need a creative communications campaign that will help acquire funds to launch their new fertilizer sense device. Can you design the right story and materials to share the Sensegrass product and enthuse potential investors?

Authenticitys is an online platform that connects visitors with local, unforgettable experiences that make the cities they are in, better. They design and host social impact experiences with their community of entrepreneurs to curate an incredible time that will leave a positive impact in the city you visit.

The case

They are looking for a hospitality partner to continue growing experiences. They feel that hotels targeting millennials and GenZ clients are a perfect fit for their product. Can your team create a value proposition for hotel chains to work together with Authenticitys?


Enapter envisions a world in which fossil-fuels are no longer burned. They design and manufacture highly efficient AEM electrolysers for hydrogen production from water and electricity. The aim is to convert excess energy produced by renewable sources to power Enapter electrolysers and produce clean and green hydrogen. 

The case

Enapter is establishing a commoditised product that is small, modular and scalable – the building block for the future of energy. Will you help them identify a customer segment, understand how hydrogen is currently being used in their processes, and prepare a pitch to strategically convince the customer to use green hydrogen produced from Enapter’s electrolyser?

Ocean Grazer’s mission is to explore the unused potential of offshore renewable energy generation to use. Ocean Grazer focuses on the development of innovative solutions that improve the efficiency of offshore wind farms and the energy yield per square kilometre.

The case

Later this year, Ocean Grazer will give a demonstration in Groningen Seaports. The challenge is to find the best way to convince stakeholders during and after the opening event. Can your team help them develop a marketing and communication plan focused around that event in such a way that they can reach a global audience and have a deep impact on the future energy system?


Deadline to apply
17 April
22 April
Team selection
22 April
17 May
21 May
21 May
12 June