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The Impact Entrepreneurs Masterclass

As an up-and-coming impact entrepreneur, would you like to learn more about finding capital, building a brand, or perhaps master the intricacies of negotiating? Or do you want to learn everything about growth marketing, building a commercial strategy, or to take a closer look at your own business model? Find more about The Impact Entrepreneurs Masterclass and create an account on Teachable today to get free access to all masterclasses! This course is a collaboration between Amsterdam Impact, Social Enterprise NL and Impact Hub The Netherlands.


with Patrick van der Pijl

In uncertain times, there are countless opportunities for (re)designing game-changing businesses that have a positive impact. Entire markets are shifting and fresh opportunities will emerge from the unpredictable nature of today’s economy. In previous periods of uncertainty, why have some companies come out stronger than ever before? Through design.

with Jasper Mutsaerts

Jasper wants to help you think commercially, so you can develop your business from a creative idea into an impactful and profitable company! Join us and discover the ten crucial steps to create a commercial strategy.

with Dieuwertje Damen

You’re an early-stage social entrepreneur with a good product and great impact story. But that doesn’t automatically mean that people will know or understand your product or service. Our goal is to show you the ways in which a strong brand positioning can help push your product, entrepreneurial vision and impact.

with Tess Lucassen

Growth Hacking is a multidisciplinary practice that can accelerate your growth –and with that, your impact – through the use of cutting-edge tools, behavioral psychology, and data analysis. This masterclass was designed for marketing, management, and innovation teams as well as for customer journey experts, consultants, startup founders, and anyone else who is interested in growth!

with Geurt Jan de Heus

You negotiate every day, whether it is with clients, business partners, colleagues, at the market, or at home. The challenge is not to “win”, but to collaborate and find opportunities that yield the most for both parties. We’ll guide you through the seven principles of negotiation in complex times – from preparation and practice, to negotiating at the table.

with Mark Hillen

How do you find capital to make an impact? Impact entrepreneurs have to adapt their business to new economic situations constantly and for those adjustments, you need capital. From informal investors to crowdfunding and from venture capital to banks, we will walk you through the many ways you can secure financing!

Make a plan and do it professionally. If you do it right, there are investors who want to invest in you.
Mark Hillen, Social Enterprise NL

About The Impact Entrepreneurs

Every successful business starts with a smart idea. Think of inspiring role models in the impact community such as Willicroft, Klabu, Closing the Loop, Yoni and Loop a life. These game-changers saw an opportunity, acted on it and are now all making real, international impact across multiple SDGs! But when the going gets tough – like in times of COVID – impact entrepreneurs also need support to continue making their impact and remain resilient.