Rethink your business model

Impact Hub Amsterdam, Goldschmeding Foundation, and Amsterdam Impact have developed the RE:SILIENCE program to support and equip impact-driven companies with the tools to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than before. In the first months of the crisis, many companies were forced to quickly adjust in order to move forward. Will the steps you took then only work in the short term, or do they fit into your company's long-term plans? It’s time to review, reflect, and revalidate your (new) strategy. We will help you implement it, so you can keep contributing to a new, sustainable economy.

In a sustainable economy, innovation plays a major role. Impact-driven companies have been developing innovative business models that deal with raw materials, energy, and ownership in a completely different way. Thanks to their creative and innovative approach, impact-driven companies are quite resilient, but not immune to disruptive economic conditions. To weather the current crisis, many entrepreneurs have been challenged to rethink their business model, supply chain, distribution channels, team, or partnerships.


In collaboration with Goldschmeding Foundation and Amsterdam Impact, we will make an additional effort this year to strengthen the continuity and innovation potential of impact-driven companies.

The program facilitates peer-to-peer learning by focusing on the exchange of experiences, guided by experts in several relevant fields. You will re-evaluate your current business model(s): do the measures you took during the first phase of the crisis fit into your long-term strategy? Which aspects of your sales strategy are no longer working? But also: How can you strengthen your online proposition? How do you manage your finances in uncertain times, or raise funding during a downturn? And how do you keep your team and yourself motivated?


We invite a group of at least 12 impact entrepreneurs to take part in this program. Participants will engage in a combination of individual and group work, guided by specialists, experts, and mentors who are experienced entrepreneurs themselves. In addition, Impact Hub Amsterdam’s corporate partners are available to provide participants with pro bono support.


  • Expert business diagnostics that map the business’ current status and next steps
  • Individual mentoring sessions
  • 5 training sessions
    1. Business model innovation
    2. (Re)building a sales strategy
    3. Resilient finance and investing
    4. Your team and motivation in times of uncertainty
    5. Growth marketing
  • 5 guided peer-to-peer sessions focused on exchanging experiences and knowledge. After months of mainly working within your own team, now is the time to exchange knowledge and experiences outside of your team. Getting feedback from other, similar companies can help you structure your thoughts, and they may help you identify opportunities and flaws in your strategy;
  • Proactive matchmaking with potential partners and financiers


1. BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION Expert: Patrick van der Pijl, Business Models Inc.

How do you remain indispensable to customers, both now and after the crisis? And how do you continue to innovate in the future, based on your strengths? Use this time to reinvent and transform your organisation! With Patrick, we will discuss new tools and skills to quickly take advantage of new opportunities in a rapidly changing market. Get started with your own model, old or renewed, and discover how you can innovate even faster. Learn how to effectively adjust and secure your business model, while your business keeps running. Get inspired by Business Models Inc.’s many years of experience in the field of business modelling and innovation.

2. REBUILDING A SALES STRATEGY Expert: Jasper Mutsaerts, Independent professional

Is your company actively involved in sales, and are your efforts effective? Sales is a profession in its own right and requires constant attention. In this challenging session, we will examine your sales strategy and zoom into the essentials. Are your assumptions about your product-market fit still valid? What should you focus on right now, and what should you let go of? How do you keep a lasting grip on your sales? With Jasper, we will work on building an effective, step-by-step plan to achieve quick and measurable results.

3. GROWTH MARKETING Expert: Sabine de Zeeuw, Growth Tribe

Did you optimise your company’s online visibility to reach the right audience? Do you know how and where to reach your audience? What happens when someone lands on your website? How can you keep your customers engaged and lead them to conversion? In this hands-on session, you will work with Sabine to improve your case. You will be able to ask questions, identify opportunities, and examine which data-driven experiments can be effective to optimise your customer journey – and accelerate your company’s growth and impact.

4. RESILIENT FINANCE & INVESTMENT Expert: Peter Fechter, RS Finance

How do you manage financial risks in a changing market or with an adjusted business model? What is the short and long-term effect of the government measures on your finances? Do you drastically cut back expenses or continue to invest? These are questions that have arisen in recent months and will keep coming back as you evolve. We must learn to deal with long-term financial uncertainty. Known models don’t have the answer, so we have to learn from each other. With Peter, we will discuss how the crisis impacts your finances, how you make them resilient to shocks, and how other companies similar to yours have dealt with this.

5. YOUR TEAM AND MOTIVATION IN TIMES OF UNCERTAINTY Expert: Claar Janssen, Teamwork Productions

What is your view on your changing role as a leader, manager, and coach? How do you keep your team motivated and balanced in both good and bad times? How could more autonomy and responsibility contribute to the development of your organisation? Teamwork Productions works on mature leadership, a model in which you focus on autonomy and responsibility within your team, so you can manage your own energy. With Claar, we will discuss leadership and what it means to everyone, and we will work with different models to safeguard autonomy and responsibility in a structured way.


The RE:SILIENCE program is powered by Goldschmeding Foundation and Amsterdam Impact. We do ask that participating companies pay a commitment fee of EUR 995 ex. VAT.


  • Diagnostics: to be scheduled in week 39 & 40
  • Kick-off and peer-to-peer sessions: 12 & 26 Oct, 9 & 23 Nov, 7 Dec: 13.30 - 17.00
  • Training sessions: 19 Oct, 2, 16 en 30 Nov, 14 Dec: 13.30 - 17.00

We will discuss beforehand which sessions are most relevant for your company. Naturally, we handle everyone's time as effectively as possible.


The RE:SILIENCE coaches play a key supporting role in the process of strategy adaptation, exploring funding opportunities, and overcoming leadership challenges. All coaches are experienced in leading multidisciplinary teams, developing growth strategies, and dealing with situations of crisis. But above all, they value impact. The entrepreneur and coach check in regularly, live or online, to discuss progress, dilemmas, and ideas.

Jasper Bertels – expert in financial strategy and risk management. For years, Jasper prepared investment deals and guided investment processes for entrepreneurs and banks. Now, he is active as a Landscape Finance expert at Commonland to analyse multiple value creation.

Veronique Bouree – expert in strategy, business modelling and leadership development, with a background in HR software at Linkedin, Talentsoft, KPN, and IBM.

Wim van Droffelaar – led a sustainable strategy consultancy for many years and helped several sustainable startups through the first difficult growth stages. His strategic view combined with highly practical advice ensures rapid progress.

Peter Gersen – with a background in the creative sector and media, Peter has been active as an expert and business coach in the circular economy for a long time. He helps large companies develop and implement their sustainability strategy.

Joop Janssen – experienced advisor, expert in corporate governance, deal making, risk analysis, risk prevention, structuring, negotiations and pitch advice. Former partner at Stibbe.

Joost Leeflang – experienced as a director of various branches of a multinational in Europe and Asia, Joost is used to combining action (and crises) with long-term plans. He supervised major energy projects for governments as well as business projects in healthcare and the development of consumer products from idea to retail.

Reinier Mommaal – experienced entrepreneur who has made various concepts grow into flourishing sustainable companies. Expert in value chains, strategy, and investments.

David Peters – an experienced financial expert, David now serves as Vice President Finance at Coyote Logistics. He was involved in the rapid growth phases of several companies, including Greetz, Zamro, and Sensoterra.

Remi Saint Jean – marketing and branding strategy expert who has developed brands with multidisciplinary teams in multiple companies, including Lenovo and Acer.

Anneke Sipkens – expert in corporate CSR, impact entrepreneurship, and impact investing. Background at Deloitte (Director of Sustainability and Strategy) and as CEO at DOEN Foundation. Skilled in strategy and communication.

Jos van Snippenberg – expert in business and people performance, talent, and leadership development. Worked with the sales, marketing, and leadership teams at Kimberly Clark, Carl Zeiss, Son, Arla, Heineken, and Adidas.

Helene Spork – experienced (executive) coach and (interim) director with a background in health, banking and games.

Christiaan Vette – accelerator of innovations in FMCG, previously at Ahold.

Niki van Wijk – expert in management, strategy, (digital) transformation, (digital) marketing, e-commerce and impact entrepreneurship, with a background at KLM, iProspect and DPG Media.


Goldschmeding Foundation
The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is working towards an inclusive and sustainable world based on the conviction that a better world is reached when people serve each other’s interests. To this end we support innovative field projects and excellent scientific research within our themes Inclusiveness, Circular Economy and Humane Economy.

Amsterdam Impact
Amsterdam Impact is an initiative by the City of Amsterdam to strengthen the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem. It actively supports and facilitates impact enterprises (social enterprises and socially responsible businesses) and the wider ecosystem with a four-year program.