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Renewi Pilot Program

Upcycling waste at the end of the dividing line. As part of our Circular Ecosystem work, Impact Hub The Netherlands has teamed up with Renewi to find innovators and solution providers in the field of waste processing.

Renewi is a leading European waste processor and recycling company. They collect waste and recycle it back into usable materials, such as recycled paper, metal, plastic, glass, wood, building materials, compost and energy, thus making a tangible contribution to a circular economy.

As part of their ‘Mission-75’ activities they have enlisted our help to find innovators that can help them with the processing of the following waste stream(s):

The problem: foil, other plastics, and paper from construction & demolition, which reach the end of the dividing and sorting line in their facility, are a difficult waste stream for Renewi to process. We are looking for innovations and start-ups that can do something with these flows.

  • Upcycle (partly) contaminated plastic/paper*
  • Further process (partly) contaminated plastic/paper*

*focus mainly on PE (Polyethylene), and partly also on PP (Polypropylene)


Additional criteria

01. … The innovation should be truly circular, i.e. waste should have a new function or destination

02. … No downcycling (e.g. to crude oil)

03. … Innovations should be able to deal with/process large volumes of waste

04. … Innovations should comply with laws and regulations of the Netherlands


If you are innovating in any of the above areas, have a proven business model, and are a legally registered business, apply to the Renewi Pilot Program here by 14 October 2021. 
Selected ventures will have a chance to pitch to Renewi and be selected to develop a 100-day pilot to implement the solution.