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Impact Nation

THE SOLUTION FOR YOUR SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGE – Would you like to make your business more sustainable, but don’t you know quite where to start? We’ve teamed up with ABN AMRO and TNW to develop Impact Nation, a programme that helps SMEs and larger organisations with the practical side of making their businesses more sustainable. 

Why join?

Impact Nation offers a 100-day programme to solve your SME’s or organisation’s sustainability challenge. We match you with internationally sourced solutions, and facilitate your successful collaboration. The programme takes you along 4 steps towards impact:

01. Challenge definition We will determine your most critical sustainability challenge in a 3-hour Challenge Shaping Workshop with your main stakeholders.

02. Scouting & selection | Alongside TNW, we will scout internationally for solutions that tackle your challenge.

03. 100 days of support After connecting you to the innovators, we kick off your 100-day support programme.

04. Demo Day | Participants in the 100-day program will present the outcome of their collaboration(s) to a wider audience of relevant stakeholders.


In the Start package, you will participate in a Challenge Shaping Workshop guided by two of Impact Nation’s top sustainable innovation professionals. By the end of it, you will have a clear and actionable sustainable challenge definition with clear ideas how to approach it. We will make sure you will know what to do and where to start.

If you select the Ignite package, you will participate in a Challenge Shaping Workshop and choose your solution provider from our internationally scouted list of 15 matched companies in one of 7 sustainability domains. Your SME or organisation will receive support from the Innovation team and promotion in the Impact Nation network.

In the full version of the programme, you will receive everything in the Ignite package in addition to full guidance from start to end. We will guide you through the Challenge Shaping Workshop, personally scout and present potential solutions, match you, and facilitate your pilot collaboration. This will result in a 90% chance of finding your best possible partner match worldwide and decrease your time to market by 40%.



AmperaPark modifies gray parking lots into green energy sources. They are a niche hardware player in the field of electric charging. The big idea behind AmperaPark is that it will become a “smart charging system.” This means that energy is used in a more balanced way than today, all based on the car owner’s needs. They applied to Impact Nation with a challenge to develop a payment and reservation app that offers security and commitment for the end user of the smart parking space.

HelloPrint is one of the fastest growing tech/e-commerce businesses in Europe. Started in 2013 by four young guys with a dream, the company quickly grew into an international player with over 150 team members, growing at lightning speed. HelloPrint wants to enable clients to make their best decision by assessing price, delivery time, and sustainability.

Kapimex participates in Impact Nation with Gusta. They wanted to focus on developing sustainable scented candles. Their challenge lies in finding sustainable scents (which can then also be used in their interior perfumes) and the combination of ingredients.

The Digital Workplace & Digital Employee team of ABN AMRO has the ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of its employees. It is seeking ways to engage and activate co-workers to reduce their data use. Their challenge lies in activating their co-workers to deal with data to reduce their CO2 footprint efficiently.


HempFlax is a socially responsible and ethical company that gives back to the planet by offering consumers affordable natural hemp products.

Since 1948 continuously active in the development and production of customised solutions in cleaning products and maintenance products.

Wereldhave is reinventing shopping centers. Their centers are places where people go, not only to shop, but also to work, relax, and spend time with friends and family. They now own and operate 30 center locations across the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

The Johan Cruijff Arena is the home of Ajax. It also facilitates international soccer matches, concerts and dance events. Together with ABN AMRO open banking they join the Impact nation program.

CentralPoint is the largest IT reseller in the Benelux. They advise and implement – brand-independent – all businesses with concrete IT solutions.

Vogel’s is an international successful company that manufactures a highly distinctive range of mounts and support systems for audio/video & multimedia equipment.

Vrijdag Premium Printing, founded in 1905, offers one-stop, fully integrated printing service for the B2B industry.

Reinten Infra, founded in 2010, builds infrastructure and enables transportation in the broadest sense of the word.