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Impact Nation for Startups 2022 | Sollas

Open challenges for startups & scale-ups. Impact Nation connects innovative scale-ups and startups to SME’s and organisation in the Netherlands to collaborate & implement innovations at scale. Continue reading to find out what challenges we are working on right now.

Challenge: Sollas

The objective

Sollas is the machine builder for future sustainable packaging materials. We do this on the basis of our knowledge and expertise regarding packaging and how you can use it effectively with a machine.

The challenge

What are the best sealable coatings for alternative packaging materials so that we can offer more sustainable packaging solutions to our customers?

Context of the challenge

Sollas is currently developing a machine that produces a secondary packaging line based on a cardboard tray, wrapped with sustainable paper (or an alternative) that is heat-sealed by the machine. This heat seal requires a paper coating that is sustainable.

What Sollas is looking for

Sollas is looking for a sustainable (renewable, non-toxic, low-carbon) coating that can be applied without high pressure, which adheres quickly  (in milliseconds) to paper (and possibly other porous surfaces) at between 100 and 180 degrees Celsius, and is preferably transparent or white.

About Sollas

Sollas supplies high-quality and innovative secondary packaging solutions. The full weft and banding machines are cut to size and adapted to the needs of the customer. In its services, Sollas is reliable, thoughtful and proactive – the whole package! Sollas is a Dutch family business, founded in 1948. From their headquarters in Wormer, near Amsterdam, they coordinate all national and international activities. Their factory is located in Oldenzaal. Branches are located in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Backed by an international network of around 50 agents and distributors, they provide excellent after-sales service and support.


ABN AMRO has asked Impact Hub The Netherlands and The Next Web (TNW) to work together to help mid-sized companies in their network to become more sustainable. The project is called Impact Nation and brings sustainability, tech, and finance together. Impact Nation coaches companies in mapping their sustainability challenges and opportunities, explores solutions and innovations worldwide, and supports them with the practical implementation of these solutions into their organisations. Impact Nation is a collaboration between three exclusive networks: TNW connects people, business and technology through innovation programs; ABN AMRO facilitates the economic aspects of the sustainability shift; and Impact Hub The Netherlands has a decade of experience in building strong entrepreneurial networks around impact issues. Read more on the Impact Nation website.