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Impact Nation for Startups 2022 | PVG

Open challenges for startups & scale-ups. Impact Nation connects innovative scale-ups and startups to SME’s and organisation in the Netherlands to collaborate & implement innovations at scale. Continue reading to find out what challenges we are working on right now.

Challenge: PVG

The objective

Sustainable climate control solutions for everyone

The challenge

What is the future of liquid-based affordable heating for our portable heaters?

Context of the challenge

PVG is looking for a liquid fuel with a significantly lower CO2 footprint and with the same quality as the current Qlima fuel.

What PVG is looking for

PVG is looking for an odorless, preferably colourable, sustainable liquid fuel for their portable heaters fitted with combustion engines. The fuel must be non-toxic and provide good thermal comfort. Ideally, this liquid does not need to be labeled as a hazardous substance in the EU.

About PVG

PVG Group is an international trading company in climate control products. The climate in a person’s living environment is often key to personal well-being. PVG wants to help people control their interior climate so that they feel comfortable. In over 40 years, the company has expanded to become Europe’s climate specialist and market leader in the area of both portable heaters and portable air-conditioners. The entire process of purchasing, marketing, distribution, and sales is run from the head office in Oss.

"This kind of programme helps the employees to rise above themselves - with respect to both knowledge and time. It clearly boosts intrinsic motivation, which is the best basis for (sustainable) innovation.”
Lily Jong | CEO


ABN AMRO has asked Impact Hub The Netherlands and The Next Web (TNW) to work together to help mid-sized companies in their network to become more sustainable. The project is called Impact Nation and brings sustainability, tech, and finance together. Impact Nation coaches companies in mapping their sustainability challenges and opportunities, explores solutions and innovations worldwide, and supports them with the practical implementation of these solutions into their organisations. Impact Nation is a collaboration between three exclusive networks: TNW connects people, business and technology through innovation programs; ABN AMRO facilitates the economic aspects of the sustainability shift; and Impact Hub The Netherlands has a decade of experience in building strong entrepreneurial networks around impact issues. Read more on the Impact Nation website.