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Impact Nation for Startups 2022 | Nationale-Nederlanden

Open challenges for startups & scale-ups. Impact Nation connects innovative scale-ups and startups to SME’s and organisation in the Netherlands to collaborate & implement innovations at scale. Are you looking to innovate and scale your business? Continue reading to find out what challenges we are working on right now.

Challenge: Nationale-Nederlanden

How can we, as an insurer, help agricultural customers to prevent climate damage and to deal with climate change, so that we can contribute to making the agricultural sector more sustainable?

The Objective

Nationale-Nederlanden would like to contribute to the sustainability transition of the agricultural sector by offering innovative services. With Impact Nation, we research products, services and models for the purpose of adaptation / transition to more sustainable business operations for our agricultural customers, by means of prevention of climate damage and guidance on legislation.

Company description

Nationale-Nederlanden is a financial services provider that offers products and services in the field of insurance, pensions and banking activities to more than 6 million private and business customers in the Netherlands. Nationale-Nederlanden is part of NN Group, an international financial services provider active in 19 countries and a leader in a number of European countries and Japan. As an insurer, banker and investor, NN makes an impact and contributes to a sustainable future. Everything NN does is based on their three values: care, clear, commit.

Detailed challenge description
The insurance team of NN is eager to contribute to a more sustainable agricultural sector. They’re exploring ways to contribute to the development of sustainable farming practices by partnering up with innovative solutions to help the farmers make better, more informed decisions and to service them with relevant, impactful solutions related to risks, damage and insurance. How could they improve their insurance policies? How can we gain more, enhanced insights into climate change? How can they support more sustainable behavior? How can we prevent climate damage from occurring to a business, or deal with the impact effectively? The team is curious to see what innovations are out there and what type of solutions can be included in their world of insurance & banking for a more sustainable agricultural sector in the Netherlands.


ABN AMRO has asked Impact Hub The Netherlands and The Next Web (TNW) to work together to help mid-sized companies in their network to become more sustainable. The project is called Impact Nation and brings sustainability, tech, and finance together. Impact Nation coaches companies in mapping their sustainability challenges and opportunities, explores solutions and innovations worldwide, and supports them with the practical implementation of these solutions into their organisations. Impact Nation is a collaboration between three exclusive networks: TNW connects people, business and technology through innovation programs; ABN AMRO facilitates the economic aspects of the sustainability shift; and Impact Hub The Netherlands has a decade of experience in building strong entrepreneurial networks around impact issues. Read more on the Impact Nation website.