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Impact Nation for Startups 2022 | De Zeeuwse kust

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How can we manage our waste smarter and more sustainable, so that we can take a step toward becoming the most sustainable premier camping resort in the Netherlands? 

The objective

De Zeeuwse Kust wants to become the most sustainable premier camping resort in the Netherlands. An important step to reach that goal, is to reduce their waste streams, and manage them smarter and more sustainable or circular. 

With Impact Nation, we research products, services and models for the purpose of adaptation / transition to more sustainable business operations, by means of prevention of climate damage and guidance on legislation. For this challenge we are looking for solutions that can help a camping resort become more sustainable. 

Company description

De Zeeuwse Kust is a big premier camping resort in Zeeland, in the south of the Netherlands. It is close to the beach, and you can stay on their  5-star campsite, in a Glamping accommodation, chalet or holiday home, or opt for a stay in the family hotel. When fully booked, they have 2500 guests. 

Detailed challenge description

Smarter and more sustainable waste management is an important step for de Zeeuwse Kust in becoming more sustainable. They have a lot of different types of waste; packaging from products they buy for their shop and restaurant; food waste from the shop and restaurant; waste from their visitors; grass and wood waste etc. 

Relevant subtopics in this challenge are:

  • More sustainable or circulair purchases
  • Sales forecasting (to prevent waste)
  • Monitoring waste
  • (Re)using waste
  • Involve customers in waste management
  • Or other ideas to make de Zeeuwse Kust the most sustainable camp resort of the Netherlands!

Impact Nation

This project is part of Impact Nation. Impact Nation is an initiative of ABN AMRO Bank in partnership with TNW and Impact Hub The Netherlands. It is an accelerator that helps companies with the practical side of making their business more sustainable. We do this through facilitating collaboration with innovative startups and scaleups.