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Impact Nation for Startups 2021

Open challenges for startups & scale-ups. Impact Nation connects innovative scale-ups and startups to SME’s and organisation in the Netherlands to collaborate & implement innovations at scale. Are you looking to innovate and scale your business? Continue reading to find out what challenges we are working on right now.

Challenge: Hollarts

How can we create a pool model for seafood shipping, and additionally do so by using affordable, sustainable and food-safe raw material sources for our containers?

The Objective

To discover impact innovation opportunities regarding (1) affordable, food-safe raw material sources, and (2) sustainable pool models for seafood shipping.

The primary area they’re focusing on for this challenge are their load carriers to transport customer goods, specifically in the seafood shipping segment. Within this, there are two objectives, ranked in order of importance: (1) to understand the market need for, and develop, a reusable pool model for shipping packaging in the seafood market; and (2) to tap into affordable and sustainable raw material sources with which Hollarts can produce food-safe load carriers that are suitable for the injection molding process. 

Company description

Hollarts, an amalgamation of Holland and Arts and established in 1988, has specialized in the development and production of a wide range of plastic injection molded products for over 30 years. They supply their products, made from new, recycled or bio raw materials, to floriculture, the food processing industry and the food industry.

Because of the personal approach, many years of knowledge and experience in the field of product and mold development, in combination with modern machinery and extensive options in the field of storage and logistics, Hollarts is able to offer customers the best total solution that is exactly adapted to the product needs, and which contributes to the market position of their customers.

Challenge: Total Packaging

How can Total Packaging develop a sustainable & commercially attractive interior inlay that is used in their packaging?

The Objective

To partner and develop a sustainable & commercially attractive interior inlay packaging.

Total Packaging wants to be a leader in the field of truly sustainable packaging materials – with a particular interest in sustainable raw materials. These raw materials should be properly sourced, and not lead to further impact on the environment – whilst maintaining a proper look, feel and smell. Furthermore, it should have the ability to be implemented at scale, considering the large volumes at which Total Packaging operates. Ideally, the sustainable angle should be easily translated to the consumers/end-users experience with the packaging, and also be commercially attractive in use. 

Company description

Since 1915, Total Packaging has offered customer-focused total solutions that are developed from concept to finished packaging. They sell, develop and produce packaging products in five product groups: folding cartons, rigid setup boxes, tubes, vacuum forming and packaging of your product (fulfilment). 

Total Packaging operates within the Netherlands and services the West-European market, primarily for A-brands and multinationals. They are highly adaptable to the customers needs and always strive for innovation and flexibility to achieve customer requirements.


ABN AMRO has asked Impact Hub The Netherlands and The Next Web (TNW) to work together to help mid-sized companies in their network to become more sustainable. The project is called Impact Nation and brings sustainability, tech, and finance together. Impact Nation coaches companies in mapping their sustainability challenges and opportunities, explores solutions and innovations worldwide, and supports them with the practical implementation of these solutions into their organisations. Impact Nation is a collaboration between three exclusive networks: TNW connects people, business and technology through innovation programs; ABN AMRO facilitates the economic aspects of the sustainability shift; and Impact Hub The Netherlands has a decade of experience in building strong entrepreneurial networks around impact issues. Read more on the Impact Nation website.


HempFlax is a socially responsible and ethical company that gives back to the planet by offering consumers affordable natural hemp products.

Since 1948 continuously active in the development and production of customised solutions in cleaning products and maintenance products.

At Wereldhave, we’re reinventing shopping centers. Our centers are places where people go, not only to shop, but also to work, relax and spend time with friends and family. We now own and operate 30 center locations across the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

The Johan Cruijff Arena is the home of Ajax. It also facilitates international soccer matches, concerts and dance events. Together with ABN AMRO open banking they join the Impact nation program.

CentralPoint is the largest IT reseller in the Benelux. We advise and implement – brand-independent – all businesses with concrete IT solutions.

We’re an international successful company that manufactures a highly distinctive range of mounts and support systems for audio/video & multimedia equipment.

Vrijdag Premium Printing, founded in 1905, offers you one stop, fully integrated printing service for the B2B industry.

Reinten Infra, founded in 2010, builds infrastructure and enables transportation in the broadest sense of the word.