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Impact Nation for Startups 2022 | YAYA

Open challenges for startups & scale-ups. Impact Nation connects innovative scale-ups and startups to SME’s and organisation in the Netherlands to collaborate & implement innovations at scale. Are you looking to innovate and scale your business? Continue reading to find out what challenges we are working on right now.

Challenge: YAYA

How can we pack in a more sustainable way, without compromising functionality?

The Objective

To reduce YAYA’s impact in the chain by incorporating a sustainable packaging strategy for their product categories.

Company description

YAYA is a lifestyle brand, founded in 1992, focusing on comfortable and feminine collections to be loved for seasons. They are known for their designs in fine fabrics and soft colors that are easy to style. Combine with a cool touch and you have the complete YAYA package. Their collections are sold worldwide at more than 2700 points of sale. You will find more than 31 YAYA concept stores in 5 countries. Their head office is located near Amsterdam.

YAYA aims to make good fashion every day, by making wise decisions about the impact they have on the environment and by ensuring good working conditions in the factories where the products are made. They promote security and fair trade, anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices and believe in protecting human rights.

Detailed challenge description

YAYA’s ambition lies in the field of more sustainable packaging. This fits in with the objective to reduce YAYA’s impact in the chain and resonates strongly with the customers who work with their packaging. In 2025 YAYA wants to have a sustainable packaging strategy for their various products. The goal for this challenge and pilot is to start implementing a new, sustainable packaging alternative for one of their product lines – without compromising on quality and functionality of the packaging (e.g. protection and wrinkle resistance). Material must be transparent, meet standard sizes, be sturdy & persistent, able to be produced at large scale and preferably sourced from near their production locations (China, Turkey, India and Greece).


ABN AMRO has asked Impact Hub The Netherlands and The Next Web (TNW) to work together to help mid-sized companies in their network to become more sustainable. The project is called Impact Nation and brings sustainability, tech, and finance together. Impact Nation coaches companies in mapping their sustainability challenges and opportunities, explores solutions and innovations worldwide, and supports them with the practical implementation of these solutions into their organisations. Impact Nation is a collaboration between three exclusive networks: TNW connects people, business and technology through innovation programs; ABN AMRO facilitates the economic aspects of the sustainability shift; and Impact Hub The Netherlands has a decade of experience in building strong entrepreneurial networks around impact issues. Read more on the Impact Nation website.