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FABB | The Sustainable Fashion Accelerator

Now especially, you will be facing challenges that are hard to solve on your own. FABB offers a program of expert guidance, one-on-one coaching, and peer-to-peer learning in a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs. In three months, you will work on your needs in the areas of marketing & positioning, sales, operations, finance, and production. Following the program will take approximately half a day a week. All core elements are currently designed and planned for online delivery. COVID-19 measures permitting, we may organise additional program events in both Amsterdam and Vienna. Overcome your challenges and move your business forward! Apply by 26 June.


  • Are based in the Netherlands or Austria.
  • Produce apparel;
  • Incorporate elements of circularity and/or sustainability into their way of producing and/or selling fashion;
  • Sell to the end consumer.


  • One-on-one guidance from experts, tailored to your needs in the areas of marketing & positioning, sales, operations, finance, and production.
  • FABB is independent from any fashion brand or large corporation, which means: no hidden agendas! We’re there to help you forward – that’s it.
  • Get inspired by fellow entrepreneurs from the sustainable fashion ecosystems of Amsterdam & Vienna, and access to the global Impact Hub network.
  • Once you’ve been selected, participation is free.


  • Application period: 8 May – 26 June 2020
  • Selection interviews: 1 – 14 July
  • Diagnostic assessment interviews (prep time: approx. 2 hours): 14 – 30 July
  • Kick-off: 1 September
  • Closing event: 1 December


Once you’ve been selected, you may attend the program free of charge. In case COVID-19 measures allow offline events again, travel expenses are not included.


… and become part of the sustainable fashion ecosystems in Amsterdam and Vienna! The two cities rank among the 10 most sustainable in Europe* – and both have the ambition to work their way to the top. That has made both cities attractive breeding ground to sustainable fashion initiatives. The businesses featured below show a glimpse of the brands and entrepreneurs of Amsterdam’s & Vienna’s buzzing sustainable fashion scenes. They are front runners that prove and show that the sustainable fashion sector is the new normal. Join their ranks!

* Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index 2016

Meet the participants

Iron Roots was founded in 2017 by three friends who were fed up with the fact that almost all athletic apparel is made from plastic. When they started to look for alternatives, they couldn’t find any, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. They make athletics apparel that doesn’t release microfibres (a type of microplastic). This means that it doesn’t release tiny pieces of polluting plastic every time it is washed, and emits about 60% less CO2 during production compared to polyester clothing.

The founders of J-Lab3l love fashion, but they love our world more. They believe one should not exclude the other. They value ethical production, organic and sustainable materials and fair working conditions in the supply chain. All J-Lab3l garments are produced in certified factories, selected by J-Lab3l and experts in the field. They try to reduce waste into a minimum and always use the most sustainable resources they can find. The team is continuously striving for a good balance between giving and taking from our world and our workers. To J-Lab3l, that is justice.

Studio Miyagi was founded by two friends in Vienna to fight against pinching bras, and to create a feeling of comfort that accompanies you through the day. In their studio in Vienna, they develop sustainable bodywear that meets the modern demands of urban citizens. Doing Yoga in the park, being an eager beaver in the office or dancing in the club, the fusion of lingerie and activewear makes the MIYAGI’s wearable all day long. Due to their love towards planet earth, they feel a strong responsibility as a young label to put a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Using resource-saving materials, Montreet creates sustainable activewear for climbing, running, and cycling. Their unique garments are made from fabric designed by local artists. Montreet items can be repaired when worn or damaged, or converted into a new product. With the Sustainable Development Goals as part of their philosophy, the Montreet label is sustainable, unique, and circular.

Filanda n.18 is an ode to the antiques hunters, the slow-travellers, the enthusiasts  of hand-crafted treasures, and the art collectors who find beauty in artisanal products. They are a fashion design lab exploring heritage textiles and interpreting them into ready-to-wear collections. Each collection tells a story through the use of textile techniques that have originated across different geographies and time – from Uzbeki ikat to Venetian lace from Bengali kantha to Japanese boro.

GOOD KRAMA is a slow fashion label that produces high quality, versatile and trans-seasonal pieces. They blend cultural tradition with innovation by mixing hand-woven fabrics with modern designs. They make clothes from two different types of materials: Cambodian luxurious, hand-woven fabrics created on a traditional wooden loom, and upcycled materials from fabric remnants and deadstock of local garment factories.

Nicetomeetme is an eco-activewear label for yoga, training, and running. Their fabrics are 100% made from sustainable materials, including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled PET bottles – which are cleaned, ground, processed into granules, and then spun into yarn. Nicetomeetme items are ethically produced in Europe, packaged in sustainable or compostable packaging, and shipped in a climate-neutral way.

Raw Fiction creates affordable black clothing pieces that were made socially responsible, ecological, vegan, and overall guilt-free. Raw Fiction themes their collections based on different issues across the globe and supports NGOs that tackle these problems. You can purchase guilt-free collections and artworks in all-black style and support trustworthy NGOs at the same time.


FABB is created by Karin Granner MA, Impact Hub Vienna, and Impact Hub Amsterdam, and jointly run by both Impact Hubs.


FABB features images that were created for the Ware Westen (True West) project in Amsterdam, courtesy of the City of Amsterdam – District of West, Charlie + Mary agency, Martijn Mendel photography, Human-Models, Mazarine Wensvoort & Jozef Wright.