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Business Model Challenge Food & Packaging

The agro-food sector in the Netherlands is responsible for a large share of national CO2 emissions; air, water, and soil pollution; and biodiversity loss. Moreover, to package all this food, we collectively use 26 billion pieces of plastic per year in the Netherlands alone. For this 3-month incubator program, we will select 10-12 entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in developing a product or service that aims to make food or its packaging more sustainable. During three training days and four masterclasses, you’ll fine-tune your business plan, strengthen your skills, and pilot your business in our network.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for entrepreneurs and innovators with a potential revenue model, who work on:

  • Sustainable food packaging, storage, or utensils in the widest sense of the word;
  • Shorter and fairer food supply chains and/or contribute to regenerative agriculture;
  • The circular economy, contributing to targets like reduced food waste or the recycling of materials;
  • Lower climate impact, for example with sustainable protein.

As an entrepreneur you have the commitment and capacity to execute your plan. In three training days and four masterclasses you will work on your business model, strategy, and roadmap for the coming months.

What will you get?

  • Bring your venture to the next level with business growth techniques used by the 270+ startups we supported
  • Benefit from three training days and four masterclasses to work on your business model, strategy and roadmap for the coming months
  • Work with experts from Impact Hub and our program partners (see below) to grow your business
  • Develop a solid financial plan and financial business case
  • Get peer-to-peer support from your fellow entrepreneurs
  • Discover what sets your products or services apart from the competition
  • Test your products and get lots of constructive feedback to help improve them
  • Better understand your target audience and customers
  • Learn how tell your story and position your brand
  • Master the art of pitching to potential investors
  • Be a part of the Impact Hub network and our food ecosystem, and will have access to all the relevant experts, mentors, partners and more.