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Built by Nature Prize

The Built by Nature Prize is the first global prize designed to find and highlight market-ready innovations in biobased construction materials, including innovative timber solutions, that demonstrate powerful potential for rapid carbon emissions reduction and positive outcomes for nature and local communities.

A Global Call for Scalable Biobased Construction Material Solutions

We urgently need to find innovative, renewable, low-carbon construction materials to radically reduce the carbon footprint of new buildings and cities – we are calling on you! Apply now and submit your innovative solution.

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Why enter?

This is your chance to be part of a global change story and a growing movement to advance a range of positive impacts for our planet and people. Seize the opportunity for recognition, collaboration, learning and inspiration by joining an international community committed to creating a built environment that works in unison with nature.


  • Seize the chance to win a grand prize of €250,000, part of a total prize fund of €500,000.

  • Gain valuable exposure and storytelling opportunities as one of up to 20 semi-finalists.

  • Connect with an international frontrunner network for mentoring, acces to potential investors and new markets.

Other information


Built by Nature is offering this prize for two main reasons:

  • To inspire decision-makers around the world with the range of biobased construction materials emerging in the market.
  • To understand the different barriers that innovators face so we can help overcome them.

We are looking for products, materials, or services. A solution being submitted should be potentially scalable in nature. Out of scope for the prize, at least this year, are things like research projects, concepts, or buildings.

To apply, please use this link, which will take you to an application form that you can save and come back to.

The deadline to apply for the Built by Nature Prize is January 25th, 2024.

No, the prize is global and any organisation, regardless of location, can apply. However, you do need to be legally able to accept funding from abroad, next to a handful of other essential criteria. These criteria are provided in the first part of the application.

Please email for any additional questions not answered in our FAQ.

Ready to submit your application?

We are calling on you to help redefine sustainable building and regenerative cities to create places that are truly fit for future generations.

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