AM is on a mission to become climate positive by 2040. To reach this goal AM is on the look out for innovative solutions to grow crops on the land AM cannot (yet) build houses on and use these crops as input to produce sustainable building materials.

The Challenge

How can AM grow crops to produce their own sustainable building materials and develop more climate positive projects?

Context of the challenge
AM’s ambition is to be climate positive by 2040. To achieve this ambition, they have defined sustainability goals within 6 key themes: energy, circularity, biodiversity, mobility, climate adaptation and use.

AM is looking for ideas and projects to make as much positive impact as possible on a range of their sustainability goals (i.e. to find synergies between these goals). For this challenge, we want to explore the idea of growing crops on land that AM cannot (yet) build houses on and use these crops as input to produce sustainable building materials. To do this, we are looking for a partner that processes crops such as elephant grass, flax, mycelium and bamboo into sustainable building materials. In terms of output materials, we are open to different options, think of plate material, brick or insulation material, but also textiles or other materials for the interior are within the possibilities.

Description of AM

Conceiving and developing inspiring and sustainable living environments is AM’s passion. We actively involve all interests and all those interested in our open planning process, which is aimed at exploiting all – at times hidden –  strengths of locations in both rural and urban settings. And we do it creatively, professionally, in our own particular style, throwing ourselves into it whole-heartedly. We collaborate with local authorities, housing corporations, social organisations and consumers to create extraordinary areas rich in the qualities necessary for living, working, shopping and recreation. AM provides quality of space and quality of life. 


Must have

  • Use of organic material that captures CO2 
  • Use of organic material that can be a valuable input for sustainable building material
  • Use of organic material that can grow in the Netherlands
  • Open to innovate in a partnership with AM


Nice to have

  • Applicable at small scale (e.g. in urban setting or park)
  • Company from the Netherlands
  • Provide measurement of CO2 & sustainability insights