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The queer community in the countryside still notices every day that acceptance is not self-evident and therefore does not dare to be itself. A strong contrast to queer communities in the city. Pride Juice, a 100% locally produced fruit and vegetable juice – and an initiative of Local2Local and Impact Hub Netherlands, hopes to change this. The product is produced by farmers in the Netherlands and together they draw attention to the acceptance of queer youth in rural areas.

Anna (20) is a member of Young Gay Farmers, an organization that supports young farmers from the queer community: “I was invited by Pride Juice to tell my story in Amsterdam. When I told this to my parents, they got angry. My father didn’t want it: otherwise the whole village would talk about it. When I came out a year earlier, they didn’t say much. Then I was happy with that: I had expected that they would kick me out of the house. Now I know my parents hope it’s just a phase, and if we don’t talk about it, it will probably pass. Fortunately, at Young Gay Farmers I can be completely myself.”

Mariska (22) is the founder of Young Gay Farmers: “Unfortunately, an initiative like Pride Juice is still needed. I also doubted for a long time about my coming out. At school, at work, at home: the farming world is primarily a hetero world. I didn’t dare tell my parents until I was nineteen. I now know more young farmers who are afraid to come out. Afraid of the reaction of family, friends, fellow villagers. It is precisely for this group that I started Young Gay Farmers. A safe place where everyone is welcome and can be themselves. Something that unfortunately does not happen everywhere in the countryside. That’s why an initiative like Pride Juice that labels the queer community as normal, and supports initiatives like the Young Gay Farmers, is also so important. Let’s hope it helps so we can all just be ourselves.”

Pride Juice model Jesse (22) does not dare to be himself everywhere: “I have lived in Enschede for the past 2.5 years and as a non-binary person I often felt uncomfortable on the street. Because of this I didn’t even dare to wear my favorite clothes. Everything to avoid negative attention. I have been living in Utrecht for three months: much better than in the East. That is why I think it is important that more attention is paid to people in the LGTBQIA+ community who do not live in the Randstad.”

Pride Juice model Thanos (21): “I participated in the photo shoot and I think Pride Juice is a very cool initiative! Not only do I find myself in a very open and open-minded group of people, but also in one of the most progressive cities in The Netherlands, namely Rotterdam. I think it is almost self-evident that I am accepted and welcome here, but of course this is not the same everywhere. Homophobia still occurs in the countryside without the outside world being aware of it and it is good that Pride Juice emphasizes this lack of awareness. The multitude of diverse sexualities can be found all over the planet, not just in big cities that have an annual pride parade and gay clubs.”

We understand that for some, our promise is hard to believe. Can something be this mega, extremely colourful, surprising, tasty, satisfying and healthy? BY NATURE? Yes. Our juices are 100% natural, just like being queer

Earlier this year, 3Doc already released the documentary Eindeloos Gepest. An impressive story in which Maryana was bullied in the countryside for being queer to such an extent that she saw no other way out than to commit suicide. The documentary was one of the reasons why Local2Local and Impact Hub Netherlands decided to develop Pride Juice in order to draw more attention to the challenges that queer youth in rural areas encounter.

Pride Juice is a 100% locally produced fruit and vegetable juice in the colors of the rainbow. This clearly shows that you stand for diversity and support people who find it difficult to accept themselves or who cannot be themselves. Part of the proceeds are used to support projects that contribute to a more inclusive society in rural areas. Because everyone deserves to always be 100% themselves.

Pride Juice can be ordered via pre-registration by consumers, the catering industry and companies through this link.