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Every minute, we collectively buy 1 million plastic bottles and use more than 1 million plastic bags. Our excessive plastic use has led to the infamous Plastic Soup in the Pacific Ocean, beach and river pollution, microplastics in our food chain and a tremendous loss of biodiversity. Thankfully, countless organisations and entrepreneurs have started the battle against plastic waste - and we aim to accelerate that process. Through our ecosystem approach, we bring together and strengthen relationships between entrepreneurs, investors, government, and other organisations. Together we accelerate innovation and bring about positive change in how we use, produce and dispose of plastics. Read more below and become part of our plastics ecosystem!



April - June 2019
During the plastics edition of our Business Model Challenge (BMC), 12 entrepreneurs who want to tackle plastic pollution through business will get started on their business model. They will work with experts and mentors to turn their innovative idea into a successful impact startup in just three months!  
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January - October 2018
With plastic waste getting into the ocean at a rate of 1 garbage truck per minute and a bleak prediction of more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, the time to act is now. WWF and Impact Hub Amsterdam are joining forces to accelerate startups that develop innovative solutions to reduce plastic pollution and plastic leakage into the ocean.
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Recent events

The 10 finalists will pitch their idea for plastic-free & clean water while sailing on the ferry between Central Station and Buiksloterweg. An expert jury will choose the winners of research grants of up to €5,000, access to a valuable network, business training, and promo support! Join the event for free >
Pitch event BMC Plastics Edition | 20 June
* Limited tickets available *
During WeMakeThe.City, Impact Hub Amsterdam hosts a full-day experience to show how Impact Hub makes cities more sustainable and vibrant through entrepreneurial solutions in plastics, circularity, food, and inclusion. The Pitch Event of the Business Model Challenge | Plastics Edition is part of the programme! Get tickets >

• BMC Plastics | Port of Amsterdam Bike Tour

• YIM - Reduce the Use of Plastic

• #byebyeplasticstraws | Screening Albatross film


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