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Every minute, we collectively buy 1 million plastic bottles and use more than 1 million plastic bags. Our excessive plastic use has led to the infamous Plastic Soup in the Pacific Ocean, beach and river pollution, microplastics in our food chain and a tremendous loss of biodiversity. Thankfully, countless organisations and entrepreneurs have started the battle against plastic waste - and we aim to accelerate that process.

Through our ecosystem approach, we bring together and strengthen relationships between entrepreneurs, investors, government, and other organisations. Together we accelerate innovation and bring about positive change in how we use, produce and dispose of plastics. Come to an event, sign up for one of our accelerator programs, or become an Impact Hub member and be part of our Plastics Ecosystem!



9 Mar-11 Jun 2020
For the Packaging & Food edition of our Business Model Challenge (BMC), we will select 10-12 entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in developing a product or service that aims to make food or its packaging more sustainable. During three training days and four masterclasses, you'll fine-tune your business plan, strengthen your skills, and pilot your business in our network.
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8 Mar-11 June 2020
In just 60 years, we’ve collectively created more than 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste. And almost 80% of this is estimated to have ended up in landfill or as litter, polluting our land and oceans.Do you want to tackle the plastic problem with business? During the plastics edition of our Business Model Challenge (BMC), you’ll work with experts and mentors to turn your innovative idea into a successful impact startup in just three months!
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Featured Event(s)

11 June
BMC Packaging & Food pitch Final
In our three-month BMC incubator, we help impact entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for sustainable food or its packaging solve big issues through business to turn these ideas into scalable business models! This BMC edition is powered by Accenture, Impact Hub Amsterdam and partners RS Finance, Benvalor, The Humble Brag & Tortuga Solutions. Want to know more? >>>



In just 60 years, we have collectively generated over 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste. Almost 80% of this waste has ended up in a landfill or as litter polluting our soil and oceans. What’s more, each week humans ingest a credit card’s worth of microplastics that, according to new research, may cause damage to the body’s immune cells. The time to act is now.

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Roos Kolkman wins by launching open-source packages for plastic education! For the third edition of their Changemaker Challenge, Dopper decided to go international! They have asked Impact Hub Amsterdam, Impact Hub Berlin and Impact Hub King’s Cross (London) to help them find the most innovative student ideas for a plastic-free future with crystal-clear waters. So we called upon all students graduating on reducing plastic waste or advancing clean (drinking) water to send in their graduation proposals.

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