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Are you looking for the best solutions for climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, or another societal issue? We know where to find them. Impact Hub the Netherlands sources the world’s most impactful startups with innovative solutions and matches them to your innovation program or competition. Our clients include ABN Amro, ING, EY, Tommy Hilfiger, Pernod Ricard, Postcode Lotteries, Cartier, Roche, WWF, City of Amsterdam, and Province of North-Holland.
Impact cannot happen in isolation. It requires collective action.

Who is this for? Organisations (corporate, governmental, or nongovernmental) that seek high-quality impact startups to apply for their impact innovation program or competition.


0-1 MONTH  - What type of impact startup is your ideal candidate? How many applicants should we find? Are you running an existing program or competition, or would you like us to help you design it? In our Standard & Premium matchmaking services, we support you with the design of the application form, the structure for selection, and forming the jury.



1-5 MONTHS - Once we know your needs, our experienced scouting team will source high-quality impact startups for your program or competition, in any market you want us to look. We will run an external marketing campaign at the same time, to increase your organisation’s visibility, tap into our global network, and widen the reach of our dedicated sourcing team. We regularly update you on potential applicants, personally help them complete their applications, and give you our selection recommendations once all applications are in.



±3 MONTHS If you opt for our Premium service, we will also facilitate your direct collaboration with one or more of the impact startups scouted for your program or competition. We help you find the best way to implement their solution(s) into your business operations and guide you through a pilot collaboration.

Why let us help you find innovations? We make sure you don’t miss a single great candidate for your innovation challenge.

01. IMPACT ONLY丨We are the only innovation sourcing platform that focuses exclusively on impact startups. We know the impact innovation landscape and have the experience to back it up.

02. HIGH-QUALITY FOCUS丨Through tailored scouting and a focus on quality over quantity, we source winners.

03. DEDICATION丨Each member of our sourcing team is strongly committed to finding every single great candidate and personally ensures that applications are completed.

04. GLOBAL NETWORK丨Impact Hub the Netherlands is part of the world’s largest network of impact entrepreneurs and innovators.