News | Meet the Circular Entrepreneurs | Investment Ready Program 2020

Meet the Entrepreneurs | IRP 2020

The Investment Ready Program, whose main partner is ING Netherlands Foundation, is our five-month accelerator for impact entrepreneurs with scalable solutions to global problems. We guide a cohort of selected participants through a systematic review of their business strategy, model, and team before they craft a validated growth and investment plan. We do this to help them attract the right investor and secure funding that matches their growth ambitions. Read on to meet the IRP alumni of 2020!
New Industrial Order enables 3D knitwear on demand for the fashion industry. 3D knitting machines are able to construct entire garments without cutting and sewing. N.I.O. creates customized knitting instructions for 3D knitting machines. This Knitcode is based on real people’s body measurements and preferences. The result: ultra-personalized knitted garments for unique customers. Better clothes, less waste, more happiness!
DIYS Soap creates natural and organic skincare products through which you can learn how to do it yourself. Their goal is to educate people on what they are putting on to their skins and to save a lot of packaging that would usually be thrown away.
ZSILT develop and sell unique, eco-friendly beach gear that is made to last year after year. Their beach toys are made from 100% plastic waste – mostly food packaging – sourced from Dutch households and produced in the Netherlands. Because of their innovative production process, ZSILT saves energy, fossil oils, plastic waste and transport over our oceans.
KRNWTR/WeTapWater has created sustainable alternatives to single-use bottled beverages by designing products that allow people to make the most of their tap water and say no to single-use. The KRNWTR water dispensers filter, cool and carbonize tap water. The dispensers allow companies, hotels, restaurants, cafes and schools to serve tap water and home-bottled natural syrups.
Vet & Lazy is a craft beer brewery that produces out-of-the-ordinary yet sustainably-made beer. For their craft beer specials, they try to work with residual ingredient streams such as mangoes that aren’t looking good enough for the supermarket. Next to the circular usage of ingredients, they also have the ambition to enhance the sustainability of their whole supply chain. They are currently investigating the use of rainwater as a base for brewing.
The Baby Exchangerie offers high-quality baby products as a service. Leasing the products saves parents money, hassle and storage. Moreover, it contributes to a more sustainable world, because at least 50% fewer products are needed.
Charlie + Mary designs and creates timeless clothing collections, made for longevity and adaptability. Charlie + Mary brings back the love for fashion and respect for craftsmanship, sharing interesting details of every piece in the collection.