News | Impact Nation Matches

Impact Nation's matches are in!

We are halfway through Impact Nation 2021! After defining their respective sustainability challenges, Kapimex, AmperaPark, and ABN AMRO were each matched to 3 innovative companies ready to solve these challenges. On 23 June, all three challenge owners chose their match! In the coming 100 days, they will work together to build a Minimal Lovable Product. We will provide them with support and facilitate regular check-ins, so the three teams will be ready to present the outcome of their collaboration(s) to an audience of various stakeholders on Demo Day.

Impact Nation is a joint programme by ABN AMRO, TNW, and Impact Hub the Netherlands, in which we match SMEs & organisations with innovative impact scale-ups to collaborate on implementing innovations at scale.

AmperaPark X Statiq

AmperaPark modifies gray parking lots into green energy sources. They are a niche hardware player in the field of electric charging. The big idea behind AmperaPark is that it will become a “smart charging system.” This means that energy is used in a more balanced way than today, all based on the car owner’s needs. They applied to Impact Nation with a challenge to develop a payment and reservation app that offers security and commitment for the end user of the smart parking space.

Statiq offers a digital app to find electric vehicle charging stations near you, control your chargers, remote monitor, and free installation.

Kapimex X PeelPioneers

Kapimex participates in Impact Nation with Gusta. They wanted to focus on developing sustainable scented candles. Their challenge lies in finding sustainable scents (which can then also be used in their interior perfumes) and the combination of ingredients.

Thanks to Impact Nation, Kapimex managed to match with PeelPioneers. PeelPioneers offer a circular solution for orange peels. They process them into sustainable and functional ingredients such as orangeade and orange oil, widely used in food products, cosmetics, and cleaning products.


The Digital Workplace & Digital Employee team of ABN AMRO has the ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of its employees. It is seeking ways to engage and activate co-workers to reduce their data use. Their challenge lies in activating their co-workers to deal with data to reduce their CO2 footprint efficiently.

Eevie is a digital app that helps you to keep track of your daily carbon emissions, set goals and form new climate-friendly habits to reduce your carbon footprint, and even plant trees to balance your unavoidable emissions.