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Unpack Impact | 2022

On November 24 we will host the 2022 edition of Unpack Impact! We are organising this event together with Amsterdam Impact to bring entrepreneurs and investors closer together. We want to give you a space for discussion about the role of entrepreneurship and money in building the new economy.  For this year, the theme will be ‘Investing in De-Growth’ and is therefore hosted on the eve of Black Friday. If you are interested in joining, send an e-mail to . This event will be in Dutch and is ‘Invite Only’.


For this year, the theme will be ‘Investing in De-Growth’ and is therefore hosted on the eve of Black Friday.

We will have a proactive conversation about how de-growing practices, entrepreneurship and investment are working together to enable a change in the way we think of businesses. How are these ideas put into practice? What role do entrepreneurs play? How degrowth can benefit your company? We invite you to join us in discussing these very important questions. 


Jaap Tielbeke, journalist and editor at De Groene Amsterdammer: He is the author of the book A Better Environment Doesn’t Start With You. He is now a journalist and editor at De Groene Amsterdammer and reports on climate change.

Annemarie Keiser, 1% Grants Lead Europe bij Patagonia: through which Annemarie supports grassroots activist organisations that have direct-action agendas and are working on strategic, multipronged campaigns to preserve and protect our environment.

Idriss Nor, executive director impact investments at DOEN Foundation: He helps frontrunners; those entrepreneurs that are taking a risk in the name of change to create an impact with their businesses.

Michel Scholte, Director at True Price: True Price focuses on educating consumers on the real costs of the production behind the products they buy. Michel is committed to an economy where all products have a true price and all organisations steer on impact weighted accounts.

Monique Lempers, Impact Innovation Director at Fairphone: Fairphone created the sustainable phone and every edition gets an improvement on the working condition or the sourcing of the materials necessary for the production.

René van Geer, CEO & Creative Director at Secrid: manufactures wallets in a transparent and carbon compensated manner, where they offer a repair service reflecting their care for the environment. We will be hearing from their advice and vision on the way to maintain a business while keeping sustainability as an integral part of your company.

Ellen Oetelmans, program manager Amsterdam Impact: moderator of this event and active in supporting impact entrepreneurship in Amsterdam since 2015.

Event and speakers will be in Dutch


14:30 Walk-in

15:00 Opening door Ellen Oetelmans and Michel Scholte

15:15 Keynote Jaap Tielbeke

15:40 Q&A with Jaap Tielbeke

15:55 Impact Hub – trends in impact entrepreneurship & De-Growth

16:00 Talk show with Monique Lempers, Annemarie Keizer, Idriss Nor and René van Geer

16:45 Q&A with the guests

17:00 Drinks

We hope to see you there!

Unpack Impact 2021 is organised together with Amsterdam Impact. Amsterdam Impact is an initiative by the City of Amsterdam, dedicated to support and strengthen the ecosystem for all companies that simultaneously create financial and social value.