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Online Panel: Building Better Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems

Join us in the conversation about the learnings for impact-focused organisations and enterprises to internationalise, with a special focus on the role women plays in this process. This event is a part of the project “Building Better Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems”, initiated by the OECD.¬† Register here!

The project

The Impact Hub Network has joined an initiative called Global Action: Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) Ecosystems, developed by the OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Since the launch in 2020, the aim of the project is to support the SSE sector while raising awareness and build capacity to create favorable national and local contexts for its development. The goal is to further promote knowledge-sharing at an international level, and increase peer learning partnerships (PLP). Through collaboration, partners of the project can propose more concrete action points for policy makers to ensure the development of inclusive SSE ecosystems.

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the Event

During this online panel, we will hear in more depth from our PLP (peer learning partnership) and its findings, touching on different perspectives on how impact-focused organisations can internationalise, while focusing on women’s role in the process and insights for policy makers.


Featured speakers 

Alberto Masetti Zannini – Global Programs Director, Impact Hub,

Arvind Sridharan – Senior Director, Aspire Impact


Ellen Oetelmans – Director, Amsterdam Impact


Filip de Beule – Associate Professor, KU Leuven