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Masterclass ‘Finding Capital’ by The Impact Entrepreneurs

How do you find capital to make an impact? Impact entrepreneurs have to adapt their business to new economic situations constantly and for those adjustments, you need capital. From informal investors to crowdfunding and from venture capital to banks, we will walk you through the many ways you can secure financing! Watch this masterclass

In this masterclass, you will:

  • assess the pros and cons of each type of financing 
  • discuss which financing avenues are the most promising, evaluating the success factors 
  • learn how to find and approach the world of financing 
  • be encouraged to purposefully search for the capital that suits you as an impact entrepreneur

About Mark Hillen:

Mark Hillen is founder and chairman of Social Enterprise NL as well as a renowned author and public speaker on social entrepreneurship. Social Enterprise NL is a driver of the social entrepreneurs movement, facilitating a learning network with training courses and activities on finding financing, mapping your social impact, and refining your marketing strategy.