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Lunchroom | Food Webinars | #1 Alternative Proteins

Get to know the latest from the alternative proteins industry and learn about acceleration opportunities in just 30 min during lunchtime!

For whom

  • Startups that would like to grow their business 
  • Idea owners that would like to turn their idea into business. 
  • Anyone who would like to learn more about alternative proteins



  • The latest development in alternative proteins
  • First hand experience about our accelerator and incubator programs on food
  • Ask all your questions to our alumni and team
  • Expand your network

About Alternative proteins

Alternative protein companies that relate to plantbased protein, cultured meat, and cultured fish are growing strongly. With only about one-tenth the carbon costs of animal-based foods but more “meat-like” product entrants every day, they could transform the food industry completely. While plantbased proteins are derived from pea or wheat ingredients, cultured lab-grown products attempt to make meat from animal cells grown or cultured in a lab, cruelty-free. What are the opportunities in the alternative proteins market in 2021/2022? Join us for a webinar over lunch and get acquainted with the trends and acceleration opportunities.


12:30 intro

12:35 expert talk: 2021 market trends in alternative proteins

12:50 Q&A about our food accelerators


FCA alum Brad Vanstone, Willicroft

IRP alum Mark Kulsdom, The Dutch Weed Burger