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Inclusion Ecosystem Day | 9 May

Many everyday products, including safety features such as seatbelts, are not designed inclusively. Unfortunately, that means that product development often overlooks critical factors such as age, gender, care needs, economic status and ethnic background, which leads to inequality. During our Inclusion Ecosystem Day, we invite product innovation managers to join us to become aware of design bias, explore innovations and tools that create both positive impact and commercially successful products. Do you want to participate?
Pictured: ai-generated models by, digital garments by DressX


Get inspired by entrepreneurs and innovators who put inclusion at the core of their solutions.

– Walk-in

15:00 – Welcome from the Impact Hub Netherlands team

15:15 Presentation: become aware of design bias, explore innovations and tools that create both positive impact.

15:45 Keynote speakers: Abdelrahman Hassan and Nadia Piet, on the role of AI and creative tech in inclusive product design

16:15 Two inspiring case owners share their business challenge to learn from and think along.

17:00 – Start Networking Drinks

Keynote speakers

Nadia Piet is the founder of AIxDESIGN, Head of Creative Technology at DEPT Agency and holds a MA in Data-Driven Design. She is a designer, researcher, and organizer with a focus on Al/ML, data, tech, (digital) culture and creativity.

During her keynote she will address how we shape technology, and technology shapes us in return, her work centers around these topics while centering a participatory, protopian, and feminist approach.

Nadia has been a speaker at i.e. Mozilla Festival, Hyper Island, Women in Al, Al Summit NYC for Forbes and World Usability Day in Rome. And is well described as  “A talented designer on the verge of disrupting the industry”. 


Abdelrahman Hassan is a creative technologist, AI Strategist , and Digital ethicist.

He uses an interdisciplinary approach in building data-driven trustworthy tech. While adopting holistic, user-centric, participatory, and innovative practices. He dreams of a future where trust is a driver for innovation. Abdelrahman believes data-driven ecosystems can inspire joy and have values of liberation.

Abdelrahman will address i.e. what is inclusion in terms of AI, what are the harms of AI, and thinking from decolonial perspective in tech and social theories.

Case - owners

Michael Musandu is the founder of Lalaland. Lalaland helps fashion brands that use 3D design programs, i.e. Browzwear, CLO3d, Optitex, Style3d, to design their collections on lifelike models. Enabling the new creators of today to become more inclusive, less wasteful, more sustainable, and digital-minded. All with the help of generative AI.

Lalaland serves more than 106 brands, including Levi’s, has been featured in respected press such as BBC News, Forbes, Techcrunch, RTLZ and Vogue Business and won awards such as Philips Innovation Award, Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge and MT Sprout Startup of the Year. Michael has been selected in EW – 30 under 30, MT Sprout’s Inclusive 30 – Best Young Entrepreneur of 2021 and MT Sprout is 25 under 25.






In nature, the most resilient ecosystems are the most diverse ones. Our society is just another ecosystem. Our work in the Inclusion Ecosystem contributes to innovative solutions representing and reflecting all of society. Learn more.