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Fashion & Textile Ecosystem Day

On our Fashion & Textile Ecosystem Day, we will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, policymakers, corporates, and other organizations to accelerate positive change in the fashion industry and share the latest insights and developments in design, recycling materials and fair chains. Do you want to join?
Credits: Martan

Ecosystem Day

The Fashion & Textile Ecosystem Day of our Circular Textile Innovation Accelerator is part of the CIC-programme. Come and see various entrepreneurs pitch their innovative solutions for a circular textile sector.


  • Walk in: 13:30
  • Start: 14:00
  • Drinks: 16:30

Keynote on Reimagining Fashion

About the necessity of tech for fashion’s sustainable future by Anne-Christine Polet – Founder and Head of Stitch:

  • The fashion sector is set to double emissions by 2030…
  • How can technology help speed up the must-needed change in the fashion value chain? And what are the hurdles we need to overcome to make that a success?
  • Anne-Christine Polet is a leading expert on web3 and digitization in fashion. She’s the founder of fashion-tech startup Stitch, that enabled brands to digitize their physical fashion value chain. Future-proofing fashion through technology and change is her true passion.

CIC Demo Day

Demo Day of our Circular Textile Innovation Accelerator:

  • As part of the Circular Innovation Collective, we worked with Metabolic and Bankers without Boundaries to identify critical innovation gaps and emerging opportunities in the sector. For the past three months, we have supported 10 front-running startups and linked them to relevant value chain partners.
  • Please join us for the exciting pitches of the 10 startups in our Circular Textile Innovation Accelerator. They will present their business models, impact strategies and regional partnerships to help meet the MRA’s target. We believe collaboration between investors, value chain partners, innovative entrepreneurs and researchers is essential in the transition to circular textiles.


After extensive research, the Circular Innovation Collective has identified the most urgent innovation gaps to create a circular textile chain. So we scouted 10 (inter)national startups and SMEs with high-value, innovative circular solutions in the areas of Refuse, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Repair.

The selected companies participated in various workshops and masterclasses on systemic change, strategic partnerships and material usage in the circular economy and received coaching and mentorship from sector experts, experienced entrepreneurs and finance professionals. 

What is the circular innovation collective?

Circular Innovation Collective (CIC), a collaboration of Metabolic, Impact Hub Amsterdam and Bankers without Boundaries, aims to play a leading role in the Dutch innovation ecosystem by accelerating the transition to a circular economy and creating high-value jobs. The collective will implement its unique approach for the first time in the textile sector to support the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s goal of achieving 70% circular textiles by 2030. CIC is funded by the City of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Impact), DOEN Foundation and Goldschmeding Foundation.