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Circular Fashion Workshop | by CIC | Invite only

INVITE ONLY | As part of our Circular Innovation Collective project, we will invite potential collaboration partners for our CIC cohort, to get to know each other and for an interactive workshop on making the textile sector circular. Expect to meet and connect to a wide range of textile supply chain stakeholders – from manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers and from product development managers to knowledge experts and policymakers. Want to be part of it? Send us an email.
Pictured: Reblend

What is the Circular Innovation Collective?

Circular Innovation Collective (CIC), a collaboration between Metabolic, Impact Hub Amsterdam and Bankers without Boundaries, aims to play a leading role in the Dutch innovation ecosystem by accelerating the transition to a circular economy. The collective will implement its unique approach for the first time in the textile sector to support the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s goal of achieving 70% circular textiles by 2030. CIC is funded by the City of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Impact), DOEN Foundation and Goldschmeding Foundation.