How can we come together as an Art of Hosting (AoH) community in the Netherlands, and strengthen our capacity to collaborate?

What is the AoH Comeback Day?
This is an opportunity to (re-)connect to fellow practitioners. It’s a chance to see how others have been practising the methodologies of the Art of Hosting in diverse fields and a space for those who seek new collaborations to explore topics and issues related to one’s own calling. This will be the 3rd AoH Comeback Day organized in the Netherlands, and we aim to make it part of our regular practice.

Who should come?
This programme invites all previous participants of Art of Hosting & Participatory Leadership trainings in the Netherlands (since 2003!) that are currently involved with the Dutch context. We bring together the English and Dutch-speaking communities and create an atmosphere where all are welcome across language, sectors, experience, and levels of practice. The event will be held in English.


10:00-10:30: Arrival & registration
11:00: Check-in & start
13:30: Lunch
16:00: Check out & drinks
17:00: End of event

FAQ & tickets

For additional information and ticket purchase, please go here.

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub


Date & Time

May 11 | 10:30 to 17:00


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: €18,50 (for Art of Hosting training participants only)

Cost for Guests: €18,50 (for Art of Hosting training participants only)

Updated on 10 March 2019