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Only 9 per cent of the global economy is currently circular, while adopting circular principles now could bring Europe net benefits of EUR 1,8 trillion and carbon emission reductions of 450 million tonnes by 2030. That is why Impact Hub Amsterdam hosts events, builds communities, and runs acceleration programs around circularity. Through our Investment Ready Program, for example, more than EUR 10 million has already been invested in circular startups. To further accelerate the transition from a linear to a circular economy, we work together with partners such as ING foundation, provincie Noord-Holland, and CIRCL.

In our Circular Ecosystem, we bring together and strengthen relationships between entrepreneurs, investors, government, and other organisations. Together, we spur innovation and co-create a circular economy. If you are also working on the transition towards a circular economy, join our Ecosystem!

Upcoming Events

5 November 2020
During this masterclass, we focus on behavioural psychology and how you can use this as a company to let your consumers make sustainable (and circular) choices. Ignited Minds are specialists in the field of behavioural psychology, design thinking and customer journeys. The result: smarter teams creating better customer experiences with more positive impact, helping to empower purpose-driven teams to accelerate innovation.


12 November 2020
Wil je meer weten over hoe de circulaire economie eruit ziet in de modesector? Schrijf je in voor de online inspiratietour! Op 12 november maken we een online tour door een circulaire textielketen. We gaan met 3 bedrijven, die samenwerken in de textielsector, in gesprek over circulair ondernemen in de mode-industrie en wat er nodig is om de volgende stap te zetten.



October 2020 - March 2021
During our Investment Ready Program, we support sustainable and circular entrepreneurs who have scalable solutions to global challenges. Over the course of five months, twelve selected startups work on their strategy, financial model, and team, with the aim of developing a strong funding plan to grow their business. The grand finale? A business pitch to a room of potential investors. This year's edition, the Investment Ready Program went international, scouting for innovations in Europe and beyond. Read more  >>



The provincial government of Noord-Holland is dedicated to the transition to a circular economy, and believes collaboration is key. They are on a mission to reduce the destruction of resources by 50% by 2030, and to establish a province-wide circular economy by 2050. Our partnership means that we are hosting circular impact makers and brokering connections across the province to accelerate impact.


Based on the success of our own community-building over the years, we were invited in to help Circl - ABN AMRO’s circular economy pavilion in south Amsterdam - design and carry out a community engagement strategy. This started with co-design sessions in late 2018 and shared public programming during Circular Week in early 2019.



Perhaps you’re sitting behind a desk made of reclaimed wood, or cycle around town on a refurbished bike. Or maybe you used a sharing platform to get your hands on someone’s unused fan on that sweltering day in July. You can’t deny it: the circular economy is booming! When materials and objects are reused, repaired or recycled, and production chains are redesigned to minimise waste, the continual use – in our present linear economy – of primary raw materials (such as minerals, fossil fuels and metal ores) is greatly reduced. Read more >


The 2018-2019 edition of Impact Hub Amsterdam’s Investment Ready Program (IRP) was won by Jack Bean! Entrepreneurs Mathijs Huis in ’t Veld and Pepijn Schmeink aim to ease the transition towards a more plant-based diet with their plant-based fast cuisine concept. Their business is one of the 12 circular startups participating in our five-month Investment Ready accelerator program. We asked Jack Bean and fellow participants Noor Buur (Soop) and Tynke van den Heuvel (Studio Wae) to share their experience....Read more >

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