The Business Model Challenge (BMC) is our incubator program for entrepreneurs who want to solve big issues with business. During three months, we will help them turn their innovative ideas into successful impact startups.

From mushrooms grown from coffee grounds to on-demand circular goods – these are just a few of the impact ideas our BMC participants will develop into solid business models. Keep reading to get inspired by their plans to make a change in sectors such as food and circular economy!

BMC #15 part-time program participants

Blendin | By introducing the Welcome NL App to the Netherlands, Blendin – together with Open Embassy, Refugee Startforce and CJP – aims to realize radical change in the world of integration. The app centralizes information for newcomers and Dutch locals, different parties will work together and social impact will be bundled.

Carbonkiller | Carbonkiller is an initiative by WISE that allows anyone to buy and destroy emission permits from the massively oversupplied EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Buying these carbon credits for less than €18 a piece, you can reduce the emissions available for Europe’s biggest polluters and sends an important political signal.

Containing Mushrooms | Containing Mushrooms wants to show that the cultivation of oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds is possible on a larger scale. Currently they extract coffee grounds and supply oyster mushrooms in a circular economy between offices in Amsterdam and the nursery at C-Beta in Hoofddorp, and supply the fresh mushrooms to restaurants and shops in the surrounding area.

Anu | Anu extracts plant protein from a nutrient dense plant, to be used as an ingredient in food and nutraceuticals. In addition to the commercial opportunity to sell the product as an ingredient and license the technique, Anu will develop affordable nutrient rich malnutrition solutions to be distributed in the developing world with less access to protein.

Henna Brownies | Henna Brownies enables you to easily colour your hair at home and prevents chemicals ending up in our natural environment. There are up to 25 colors available and easy to mix. All products are made of 100% natural ingredients, organically and against animal testing. This is not only better for the environment, but also leads to healthier hair and a more natural look.

NeedThat | The world’s first circular consumer good service. Selling only products you really need, manufactured out of materials that the environment needs and produced in a way that society needs. NeedThat ensures that every stage of a products life cycle is creating value – no harm to the environment and the people living within it.

Oma’s Soep | Oma’s Soep conquers loneliness of elderly people in Amsterdam while at the same time fighting food waste and stimulating younger generations to participate and take responsibility for societal problems. Together with a group of young people, elderly individuals cook a nourishing soup following the best kept secret recipes of the older generation.

Plant Based Cheese | Cheese is one of life’s great pleasures which most believe is sacrificed when going vegan – 20FIFTY wants to prove that a vegan diet opens more doors than it closes. Using a variety of nut and tofu based recipes, they create similar flavours and textures to conventional dairy cheese.

RecyQ | RecyQ is a clean tech social enterprise; they develop Internet of Garbage solutions for urban (zero) waste challenges. By providing coloured recycling bags, they raise awareness of the need to separate waste materials. And through their app, individuals can track their CO2 reduction and ‘Save-as-they-Throw’.

Rent-a-Porter | Rent-a-Porter is a sustainable answer to the fast fashion industry. You can keep your wardrobe up-to-date with the latest fashion designers, while eliminating the need to purchase your items by renting them instead. The online platform will only focus on women’s fashion and will provide the option to borrow an item for a specific rental price and period.

The Social Handshake | The mission of Social Handshake is making doing good easy. Their first service is Payroll Giving, a successful concept from the UK & US which enables employees to donate straight from their paycheck to a cause they care about, with attractive tax benefits. They also intend to open Payroll Giving up for impact investing to benefit social enterprises.

We Talk Human | We Talk Human acts as an agent between social entrepreneurs and corporate companies that focus on sustainability issues. Their unique network gives social entrepreneurs the opportunity to play a part in advancing a corporate’s sustainability agenda, as well as to increase their own impact.

BMC #15 full-time program participants

Biz Fun | Biz Fun is a circular clothing line that makes clothes from reused materials, with a unique design that is appropriate for the corporate world while also including a fun twist. Their mission is to make optimal use of the world’s natural resources by finding innovative uses of materials that would otherwise be categorised as waste.

Build Your Happiness | Through workshop storytelling and personal coaching, Build Your Happiness encourages people to share their stories and to get to know themselves better in order to find their purpose, motivation and talents.In addition to workshops and coaching sessions, they aim to scale our impact and create more sustainable happiness with our new app.

CE Seminars | CE Seminars embeds circular economy principles into the advice of consultants to generate added value and competitive advantage for their client companies. It offers seminars for consultants which highlight the importance and commercial opportunities of the transition towards circular business models.

Foster | A place where fair, balanced and ‘having enough’ come together. Where those who can afford it help out those who can’t. Foster’s vision is to own or lease a building – ideally an old school – where they combine commercial spaces with spaces that are offered to those who need them.

Good People | Good People is the marketplace where social enterprises and business professionals meet. It delivers top quality part-time, project and interim professionals to social enterprises at a low cost. This way, impact-driven companies have access to the necessary human resources for low fees, and conscious professionals can contribute to a better world on a part-time basis.

Laura Grassi | Laura supports social enterprises in creating strategic engagement with key stakeholders. She brings together her experience with facilitation, process design skills and business background to accompany social entrepreneurs in designing and organizing key interventions to engage their community of partners, customers, investors, employees, supporters and key stakeholders.

LF/PR: A Creative Agency for Good | LF/PR is a creative agency for good and operates in the media and entertainment market, worth $1.8 trillion in 2016. They help brands to be successful by challenging irrelevant content at its roots and substituting it with stories that matter. For good and for all.

Pop-up Bibliotheek | Through this pop-up library’s events, organisations can facilitate interactions between individuals and initiate conversations to understand people’s ideas and expectations about library products and services. On top of this, the pop-up library can connect libraries, cultural institutions, entrepreneurs and startups to improve collaboration in a new and creative way.

TalentEd | TalentED’s mission is to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for education by making it equitable and available to meet the needs of all persons, including those who might be vulnerable and with determination. Their vision is to equalize the educational arena for all students, allowing them to actualize and ‘show what they know’.

The Grassy Bowl | The Grassy Bowl is a food and sustainable design consultancy which uses real-time data to curate a unique four-pillared digital strategy for cafes and restaurants to establish their identity, cut costs and green their business operations. The Grassy Bowl helps these businesses capitalise on an increasingly discerning customer base, while promoting a positive shift within the industry.

Tiny Temple | Tiny Temple contributes to ‘positive health’ through personal styling by creating a sustainable and conscious wardrobe that increases personal wellbeing and reduces your environmental footprint. By analyzing, cleansing and optimising your wardrobe to your needs, you will achieve a higher level of personal wellbeing.