On 19 May, we hosted our 2017 Demo Day, the investor forum of our Investment Ready programme, a unique 5-month, peer-to-peer driven accelerator, which consists of 12 training days supported by mentors, speakers, content experts, associates and powerful business tools.

The 10 sustainability-focused enterprises taking part in the 2017 edition of Investment Ready passionately pitched their sustainable innovations in front of a room packed with Impact Hub Amsterdam’s community of impact investors.

As entrepreneurs and investors discussed each organisation’s funding needs and scale-up ambitions in moderated break-out sessions, we collected some of common questions investors ask about many aspects of your business.

Keep reading for a curated list that can help you prepare for your next chat with an impact investor!

Your vision & business model

  • How would you describe yourself and your background?
  • What is your company’s main driving force?
  • What is your company’s ultimate goal?
  • What does your business model look like?
  • How do you make money with your product/service while also creating tangible impact?

Team, partnerships & investors

  • Who owns the business?
  • Who else is in your team? What are their strengths? What expertise is lacking?
  • Who are your closest partners and allies?
  • What is your relationship with your current investors like?

Growth & scaling

  • What are your growth goals?
  • Where do you plan to scale and how?

Competitors & patents

  • Who are your main competitors? What sets you apart?
  • Are they replicating your ideas? How quickly could they catch up?
  • Have you asked for patents? What is your timeline for getting them?

Target market & customers

  • Who are your customers? What do they value?
  • How many products have you sold already?
  • Are you focusing on B2B or the consumer market?
  • Which channels do you use to reach your customers?

Production process

  • Do you have a local factory or do you manufacture abroad?
  • How do you achieve and maintain a high level of quality?

Sustainability & impact

  • Could you elaborate on the sustainability strategy of your business model?
  • What are the sustainability criteria you use for your products?
  • How do you measure your impact?

Already thinking about answers to these questions? Excited to engage in a review of your business strategy, model and team, before crafting a validated growth and investment plan?

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