Last fall at the IDFA film festival in Amsterdam I saw Plastic China.  This film left me – and the Impact Hub members I was with – unsettled for some time. We watched a family literally live in plastic.  And the next day I walked past a scarily overfilled plastic bin in my neighbourhood. A few weeks ago I went to a ‘freedom lecture’ by Polly Higgins at de Balie where there was a deep dive into ecocide and deforestation. Ironically perhaps, that night as I biked home (just 20 minutes) I passed 67 discarded christmas trees. Yes, I counted. A few were potted and I managed to save just 3 to take home. Last week at our Fail Forward Night we heard the story of our sister Impact Hub Caracas and empty supermarket shelves; that day I had just picked up some granola and coffee to send back with Claudia. Over There is Over Here: the plastic, the neglect for our trees, the absurdity of sending coffee to Venezuela from the Netherlands.

This month has been a time for our community to settle into our new space Over Here, with small tweaks everyday and a truckload of furniture still to arrive next week. Next month is our celebration, offering ourselves as a gift to our the city 🙂 The program is shaping up to be great, thanks to so many community members involved. On March 31st we invite you to Unlikely Allies: The Future of Our City for An Immersive Day Event Full of Meaningful Content + A Really Good Party. Expect inspiring workshops, delicious food and good music. Meet or re-connect with our community of 700+ impactmakers, innovators, investors and partners – likely or unlikely! Check out the programme as it unfolds. On March 31st our Impact Hub becomes a smorgasbord of impact activities, and your ticket gives you access to this special next level Hub Experience!

In the meantime, there are plenty of opportunities to get engaged. Dive into good dialogue about what your March 15th vote means – non-Dutchies are welcome because caring about the future of the Netherlands is a borderless act.  Join our community drinks on March 2nd and hear how a cute robot relieves ill children from isolation. Founders support founders at our Founders Breakfast, bring your big questions about tacking big issues. Can we see the impact of NGOs improve with social entrepreneurship? Have your say in our next Borrel of the Pyramid with Mainline. And do put our BMC Anniversary event in your calendar, it is always my favourite event to hear our new entrepreneurs pitch how they will make their dent in the world.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

And so until we admit that Over There is Over Here – that we are all interconnected – we limit ourselves in making impact, and making impact relevant to all these issues and the wider systems change we all envision. Everyday Impact Hub members are engaging on- and off-line in various impact areas to drive change. On March 31st we will host 2 provocative conversations on Over There is Over Here – in one we look at natural resources and wildlife, to understand conservation in a different light because the problem Over There is actually rooted in our consumerism Over Here. In the second conversation, we look at sustainable destinations – can we understand how when we travel Over There, we still have work to do Over Here to make that a healthy and ongoing choice. Please do bring your likely or unlikely allies to our opening… tickets are here. Let’s Hub!

Tatiana x